What kind of tools do you use?

Nikon D750

One of the best starting pro cameras. Great with low light ISO. Here is a link to buy yours.

Nikon Z6ii

Going pro? Well you may want to join the mirrorless camera side of things as there is less parts to break down. Also Nikon will some day stop making the old “F” mount lenses. The “Z'” lends are the futcher. Here is a LINK to buy yours. Also the z6 ii is one of the best cinema cameras too! Thanks to the low light and 8/10/12bit N-Log video it can do.

Nikon Z7ii (BEST)

If you’re getting photos from us at Spedale Jr. Photography, we only use “THE BEST” camera on the market as far as NIKON. Yes, there is a Z9, but we do not need that camera as it’s mainly for sports photography. Here is the only camera you’ll need as a high-end pro. Here is a link to buy your own Z7ii

Camera  tools

DJ Equipment

Professional Video



POWER for lights and camera.

photographer and videographer

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