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Confidence is Key: As a model, confidence is essential. Embrace your uniqueness and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Confidence will shine through in your photos and elevate the overall look.

Practice Posing: Familiarize yourself with various poses and expressions. Experiment with different angles, hand placements, and facial expressions to find what suits you best. Practice in front of a mirror or work with a photographer to get feedback.

Be Versatile: A successful model can adapt to different styles and themes. Be versatile in your looks and poses to showcase your range and appeal to a broader audience.

Communicate with the Photographer: Establish clear communication with the photographer. Discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific ideas you have. A collaborative approach ensures both you and the photographer achieve the desired outcome.

Wardrobe Selection: Bring a variety of outfits to the shoot, including different styles, colors, and textures. Coordinate with the photographer to choose the most suitable wardrobe for the shoot’s concept.

Mind Your Body Language: Pay attention to your body language and posture. Maintain good posture and be mindful of your hand and foot placements. Proper body language can greatly enhance the overall impact of the photos.

Natural Makeup: For most modeling shoots, a natural makeup look works best. It allows the photographer to capture your features without distraction. If a specific makeup style is required, work with a professional makeup artist.

Stay Hydrated and Rested: Prioritize self-care before the shoot. Ensure you are well-rested and hydrated to look fresh and energetic during the session.

Be Open to Feedback: Listen to feedback from the photographer or the team. Modeling is a collaborative process, and constructive criticism can help you improve and deliver better results.

Study Poses and Expressions: Look at the work of successful models and study their poses and expressions. This can provide inspiration and ideas for your own shoots.

Networking: Build connections in the industry by networking with photographers, makeup artists, and other models. Networking can lead to more opportunities and collaborations.

Model Release: Understand the terms of the model release before the shoot. Ensure you are comfortable with how your photos will be used and distributed.

Remember that modeling photography is about storytelling and conveying emotions. Embrace your individuality, stay professional, and enjoy the process of bringing creative concepts to life through your modeling skills.

We are one of the Top modeling portfolio photography Companies

As one of the leading modeling portfolio photography companies in North Florida, Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is dedicated to delivering top-notch posing and photography quality. Trusted by a diverse clientele of models from various regions along the East Coast of the United States, we specialize in building professional modeling portfolios against the stunning backdrop of North West Florida, spanning from Chipley to Panama City Beach and Pensacola. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond geographic boundaries, as we are more than willing to travel to accommodate our clients’ needs.

With an impressive track record of helping models kickstart their careers, we understand the challenges and aspirations that come with the industry. We recognize that building a successful modeling portfolio requires not only beautiful photographs but also the ability to showcase one’s unique personality through expertly crafted poses. Our founder, Joe, takes pride in coaching models to exude professionalism both inside and out, ensuring they confidently shine in front of the camera.

At Spedale Jr. Photography LLC., we believe that becoming a professional model is a journey that requires time and dedication. To aid in this transformative process, we offer test shooting at discounted rates, allowing aspiring models to explore their passion and determine if modeling is the path they wish to pursue.

The question often arises, “What is the ideal age to start building a modeling portfolio?” For males and females alike, the range of 5 to 17 years is optimal, as modeling careers can extend well into the mid-20s and beyond. Age should never be a deterrent when it comes to achieving one’s dreams; rather, following one’s aspirations wholeheartedly is the key to limitless possibilities.

While some customers seek extraordinary photos or videos to resemble models, we pride ourselves on being the preferred choice of professional models due to our exceptional reputation and expertise in photography. Our style mirrors the iconic allure seen in publications like Sports Illustrated, capturing sessions with the same precision and artistry afforded to paid professional models. With us, you can expect the quality that sets you apart from the competition.

Understanding the financial constraints faced by aspiring models, we strive to create customized portfolio packages that strike a perfect balance between value and affordability, empowering models to pursue their dreams without burdening their budgets.

We invite you to get to know us better by scheduling a call directly with Joe himself. Discover how Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. can be your partner in transforming your modeling aspirations into reality. Let us embark on this exciting journey together and capture the essence of your unique beauty and talent through the lens of artistry.



Learn posing to on-camera confidence that will help you to the top of your game. The more sessions the more content you’ll have.

“Joe was absolutely amazing to work with! He captured some amazing photos of my daughter to build her modeling portfolio! He took his time, was very involved by suggesting poses, playing her favorite music to make her feel comfortable, adjusting the lighting when needed, and above all was very professional! I highly recommend him for any kind of photo session! We will definitely be back !! 5 stars”

Photography For Chipley, Florida.

Video Production and DJ services for Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida.

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(PLEASE NOTE) all photos sessions are set with a discount price and in return your photos and or videos are subject to be used in our portfolio and or marketing. (No discounts apply if you request for use not to use your photos/VIDEOS)

Photography For Panama City Beach, Florida.

Dos of a Photography Session:

  1. Do communicate and establish a clear understanding of expectations, preferences, and goals with your photographer before the session.
  2. Do plan and prepare ahead of time, including choosing suitable outfits, locations, and any props or accessories you want to incorporate.
  3. Do arrive on time or even a few minutes early to ensure a smooth start to the session.
  4. Do relax and be yourself during the session. Natural and authentic expressions often make for the best photographs.
  5. Do trust and follow the photographer’s guidance and direction. They have the expertise to capture your best angles and create beautiful compositions.
  6. Do embrace spontaneity and have fun. Candid moments and genuine emotions can make for memorable and unique photographs.
  7. Do communicate openly with the photographer during the session if you have any concerns or ideas you’d like to try.
  8. Do take breaks and stay hydrated, especially during longer sessions or when shooting outdoors.
  9. Do ask for advice on posing and expressions if you’re unsure. Your photographer can offer guidance and suggestions to help you look your best.
  10. Do enjoy the experience and cherish the moments captured. A positive attitude and enthusiasm can make a photography session more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Don’ts of a Photography Session:

  1. Don’t be late without notifying your photographer. Punctuality is important to ensure you have enough time for the session and to respect the photographer’s schedule.
  2. Don’t wear overly distracting or clashing outfits that may take away from the main focus of the photographs.
  3. Don’t feel self-conscious or overly posey. Relax and be yourself, allowing the photographer to capture your natural beauty and personality.
  4. Don’t bring too many people or distractions to the session unless they are directly involved or necessary for the concept.
  5. Don’t be overly critical or negative during the session. Trust the photographer’s expertise and give them the space to work creatively.
  6. Don’t insist on copying exact poses or images from someone else’s work. Allow your photographer to create unique and personalized images for you.
  7. Don’t constantly check or use your phone during the session. Give your full attention to the photography process to get the best results.
  8. Don’t rush through the session. Take the time to relax and enjoy the experience, allowing for breaks and moments of reflection.
  9. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or further instructions if something is unclear. Clear communication is key to a successful session.
  10. Don’t be disappointed if not every shot is perfect. Trust that your photographer will select and edit the best images to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Remember, these dos and don’ts can vary depending on the type of photography session and the specific preferences of both the photographer and the client. Communication and understanding between both parties are vital to ensuring a successful and enjoyable photography session.

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