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To build a professional modeling portfolio with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Research and Familiarize Yourself: Take the time to research Spedale Jr. Photography LLC’s work, style, and expertise. Review their portfolio, website, or social media platforms to understand their artistic vision and the types of modeling portfolios they have created in the past. Ensure their style aligns with your desired outcome.

  2. Determine Your Modeling Goals: Clarify your modeling goals and the purpose of your portfolio. Are you looking to pursue commercial modeling, fashion modeling, or a specific niche? Knowing your goals will help Spedale Jr. Photography LLC tailor the portfolio to your needs and showcase your strengths in the right way.

  3. Consultation and Planning: Schedule a consultation with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC to discuss your vision, expectations, and any specific requirements for your modeling portfolio. This consultation will help establish a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and allow them to provide guidance and suggestions.

  4. Portfolio Concept and Themes: Collaborate with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC to determine the overall concept and themes for your portfolio. They can help you decide on the number of looks or styles to include, as well as any specific creative ideas or setups that will enhance the portfolio’s visual appeal and highlight your versatility.

  5. Wardrobe and Styling: Prepare a diverse range of outfits that align with the chosen concept and themes. Include various styles, colors, and textures to showcase your versatility as a model. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC can provide guidance on wardrobe selection and styling to create a cohesive and visually appealing portfolio.

  6. Professional Hair and Makeup: Consider hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to enhance your looks and ensure you present yourself at your best. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC may have recommendations or can provide you with contacts to ensure your hair and makeup complement the portfolio concept.

  7. Photo Shoots and Sessions: Schedule multiple photo shoots or sessions with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC to capture a variety of looks, poses, and expressions. These sessions may include different locations, lighting setups, or backdrops to provide a diverse range of images for your portfolio. Trust their expertise and direction during the shoots to capture your best angles and expressions.

  8. Selection and Editing: After the photo shoots, work with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC to review and select the best images for your portfolio. They will provide professional editing and retouching to ensure the images are polished and showcase your unique qualities as a model.

  9. Portfolio Presentation: Spedale Jr. Photography LLC can assist in designing and creating a visually appealing and professional portfolio presentation. They may offer options for physical portfolios or digital formats, depending on your needs and preferences.

  10. Continuous Portfolio Updates: Remember that a modeling portfolio is an evolving representation of your work and growth as a model. As you gain more experience and diversify your skills, update your portfolio regularly to reflect your latest work and achievements. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC can guide you on how to keep your portfolio fresh and relevant.

By following these steps and working closely with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC, you can build a professional modeling portfolio that showcases your unique qualities and helps you pursue your modeling goals.

We are one of the Top modeling portfolio photography Companies

We are one of the top modeling portfolio photography companies in North Floria when it comes to posing & photography quality.

Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is your trusted source to build your modeling portfolio. Trusted by hundreds of models from all over the east coast of the united states to develop their professional modeling portfolio on the world’s most beautiful beaches from all over North West Florida, from Chipley to Panama City Beach & Pensacola. We will travel to you.

It’s time to update your professional portfolio. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. has been working with models from the day they opened the doors to help models get their start. It’s not an easy business to be in 90% of models pay for great portfolio photos only to have their dreams crushed when agencies don’t pick them up as new talent. To be a good model, you need to be beautiful on the inside and out. Joe will help the model by teaching his customers to pose like a professional and help bring their personalities out.

Everyone could be a model but to be a professional takes time and dedication.

Being comfortable in front of a camera takes time. The more sessions you do, the better the photos or video production will be.

We do some test shooting from time to time at a discounted rate to see if this is something you want to be a part of. We can tell if you are ready to submit to an agency just after one session with our customers.

  1. “Good age to start building a modeling portfolio?” A.(5 to 17) years of age” males/females. Most model’s careers last until they are 25. Some can go on longer. The younger you are, the longer you can model. Some can model all their life from runway to walker….. lol There isn’t a “STOPPING” age to sell a product with one self. You just need to follow your dream and let it lead you where to go next. 

There are customers who want extraordinary photos or videos and want to look like a model. We can help there too. But when it comes to an actual professional model, we are their number one choice because of our outstanding reputation and fundamental photography skills to set them apart from the real competition. If you have ever seen Sports Illustrated, then you’ll know what our photography style is and looks like. We shoot your session as if you are one of the paid professional models. With us, you get what you pay for.

Rate-wise, we understand you don’t have a lot of money to pay for photography. We know you are trying to better yourself and get your name out for paid work yourself. This is why we try our best to tailor a portfolio modeling package that will help you and your wallet.

Please take the opportunity to get to know us.

Schedule a call with Joe himself. 



Learn posing to on-camera confidence that will help you to the top of your game. The more sessions the more content you’ll have.

“Joe was absolutely amazing to work with! He captured some amazing photos of my daughter to build her modeling portfolio! He took his time, was very involved by suggesting poses, playing her favorite music to make her feel comfortable, adjusting the lighting when needed, and above all was very professional! I highly recommend him for any kind of photo session! We will definitely be back !! 5 stars”

Dos of a Photography Session:

  1. Do communicate and establish a clear understanding of expectations, preferences, and goals with your photographer before the session.
  2. Do plan and prepare ahead of time, including choosing suitable outfits, locations, and any props or accessories you want to incorporate.
  3. Do arrive on time or even a few minutes early to ensure a smooth start to the session.
  4. Do relax and be yourself during the session. Natural and authentic expressions often make for the best photographs.
  5. Do trust and follow the photographer’s guidance and direction. They have the expertise to capture your best angles and create beautiful compositions.
  6. Do embrace spontaneity and have fun. Candid moments and genuine emotions can make for memorable and unique photographs.
  7. Do communicate openly with the photographer during the session if you have any concerns or ideas you’d like to try.
  8. Do take breaks and stay hydrated, especially during longer sessions or when shooting outdoors.
  9. Do ask for advice on posing and expressions if you’re unsure. Your photographer can offer guidance and suggestions to help you look your best.
  10. Do enjoy the experience and cherish the moments captured. A positive attitude and enthusiasm can make a photography session more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Don’ts of a Photography Session:

  1. Don’t be late without notifying your photographer. Punctuality is important to ensure you have enough time for the session and to respect the photographer’s schedule.
  2. Don’t wear overly distracting or clashing outfits that may take away from the main focus of the photographs.
  3. Don’t feel self-conscious or overly posey. Relax and be yourself, allowing the photographer to capture your natural beauty and personality.
  4. Don’t bring too many people or distractions to the session unless they are directly involved or necessary for the concept.
  5. Don’t be overly critical or negative during the session. Trust the photographer’s expertise and give them the space to work creatively.
  6. Don’t insist on copying exact poses or images from someone else’s work. Allow your photographer to create unique and personalized images for you.
  7. Don’t constantly check or use your phone during the session. Give your full attention to the photography process to get the best results.
  8. Don’t rush through the session. Take the time to relax and enjoy the experience, allowing for breaks and moments of reflection.
  9. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or further instructions if something is unclear. Clear communication is key to a successful session.
  10. Don’t be disappointed if not every shot is perfect. Trust that your photographer will select and edit the best images to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Remember, these dos and don’ts can vary depending on the type of photography session and the specific preferences of both the photographer and the client. Communication and understanding between both parties are vital to ensuring a successful and enjoyable photography session.

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