Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

We are one of the Top modeling portfolio photography Companies

We are one of the top modeling portfolio photography companies in North Floria when it comes to posing & photography quality.

Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is your trusted source to build your modeling portfolio. Trusted by hundreds of models from all over the east coast of the united states to develop their professional modeling portfolio on the world’s most beautiful beaches from all over North West Florida, from Chipley to Panama City Beach & Pensacola. We will travel to you.

It’s time to update your professional portfolio. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. has been working with models from the day they opened the doors to help models get their start. It’s not an easy business to be in 90% of models pay for great portfolio photos only to have their dreams crushed when agencies don’t pick them up as new talent. To be a good model, you need to be beautiful on the inside and out. Joe will help the model by teaching his customers to pose like a professional and help bring their personalities out.

Everyone could be a model but to be a professional takes time and dedication.

Being comfortable in front of a camera takes time. The more sessions you do, the better the photos or video production will be.

We do some test shooting from time to time at a discounted rate to see if this is something you want to be a part of. We can tell if you are ready to submit to an agency just after one session with our customers.

  1. “Good age to start building a modeling portfolio?” A.(5 to 17) years of age” males/females. Most model’s careers last until they are 25. Some can go on longer. The younger you are, the longer you can model. Some can model all their life from runway to walker….. lol There isn’t a “STOPPING” age to sell a product with one self. You just need to follow your dream and let it lead you where to go next. 

There are customers who want extraordinary photos or videos and want to look like a model. We can help there too. But when it comes to an actual professional model, we are their number one choice because of our outstanding reputation and fundamental photography skills to set them apart from the real competition. If you have ever seen Sports Illustrated, then you’ll know what our photography style is and looks like. We shoot your session as if you are one of the paid professional models. With us, you get what you pay for.

Rate-wise, we understand you don’t have a lot of money to pay for photography. We know you are trying to better yourself and get your name out for paid work yourself. This is why we try our best to tailor a portfolio modeling package that will help you and your wallet.

Please take the opportunity to get to know us.

Schedule a call with Joe himself. 



Learn posing to on-camera confidence that will help you to the top of your game. The more sessions the more content you’ll have.

“Joe was absolutely amazing to work with! He captured some amazing photos of my daughter to build her modeling portfolio! He took his time, was very involved by suggesting poses, playing her favorite music to make her feel comfortable, adjusting the lighting when needed, and above all was very professional! I highly recommend him for any kind of photo session! We will definitely be back !! 5 stars”

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