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Joe Spedale Jr.

Joe Spedale Jr.

The award winning "BEST OF FLORIDA 2022 wedding photographer" & owner & C.E.O. Director of photography & PPA insured (Member) & Photographer.

Meet Joe with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. 



My wife and I opened the doors to the professional world Spedale Jr. Photography in 2013. 


(My love for the camera)

Back in 2000 when I had the choice of Spanish or photography as a highschool elective. I'm sure you can tell which choice I made. Since high school, you would always find a camera in my hands. 


(Why I love Photography)

It fills me with a sense of awe when I see thousands of families discussing my photography services on social media, and showcasing my artwork. I am truly passionate about what I do and I am sure that it shines through in every photograph I take. Owning a business is a responsibility and I strive to do my absolute best, not just to generate income but also to provide for and protect my loved ones. Furthermore, I feel privileged to be the one people come to when they want to capture the people and moments that matter to them, from family sessions to weddings, and even to commemorate vacations. Finally, I also take pride in helping bring people’s business ideas to life. All of this is why I love being a small business owner.


(Why I love Video Production)

I feel a surge of excitement when I am creating marketing videos for small businesses. The combination of music and text, or someone showcasing a product, with the addition of a well-executed video editing process makes me proud that I am able to use these skills for my own business.
Video production has become an interesting new hobby for my family with our YouTube channel "The Spedale Boys", and now it is turning into an avenue to help businesses get their message across to their customers in 30 second bursts. Watching my work being utilized by a company and being successful after the many hours of work I have put in is incredibly satisfying. If it wasn't for my bills, I would happily do this work for free.




Virtual touring (Matter Port)


Audio Editing / Engineer

Video Editing


Workshops (photography-Photoshop/Lightroom)

Marketing (business plans to development)

Web Development (building sites/SEO/Ads

Graphic Design 

and more.


Owner / Photographer / Videographer / Producer / Director, (Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. & Spedale Jr. Productions)

Joel Spedale

Joel Spedale

Lead Assistant, "Big Helper" & Light tech.

Hi, I'm Joel, son of Joe & Rachelle. I'm the light tech and my  mom & dad's big helper who makes sure the light stays where my dad & Ric put them. I can also hold your bag and help watch your stuff on a busy beach day so you can go home with your bag & flip-flops that you brought to the beach.  Don't forget to tip me out too, for my hard work, I'm saving up to buy something nice. I'll be your big helper too! Ask me for my business card!
Giovanni Spedale

Giovanni Spedale

Lead Assistant, "Big Helper" & Light tech.

Hi, I'm Giovanni a.k.a "G", son of Joe & Rachelle. I'm also a light tech & big helper who makes sure the light stays in place. Hand me your hats, phones, sunglasses and anything you want me to keep dry and out of the photos. I'm a very smart boy who invests my money into a gaming rig so I can learn coding and someday build my own video game. Don't forget to tip me for my services. All the tips goes to good use.
Rachelle Spedale

Rachelle Spedale

Joe's wife / Director of accounting, reservations and logistics.

I'm Rachelle, I have a degree in business management & accounting I'm also, "Joe's wife" I run the show behind the scenes. That’s right, (“I’m the boss!”) 😊 I oversee the booking dept., logistics & payroll, just to name a few hats I wear.  I make sure you are connected to one of the talented photographers and or videographers that best suits your needs.  I also help set appointments, reminders, logistics & communication with other vendors to ensure we are in the right place at the correct times. “I’m my husband's Siri.”  As he says.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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