Joe Spedale Jr.

Joe Spedale Jr.

The award winning "BEST OF FLORIDA 2022 wedding photographer and BEST OF FLORIDA 2023 photographer" & owner & C.E.O. Director of photography & PPA insured (Member) & Photographer.

The award-winning "BEST OF FLORIDA 2022 wedding photographer and BEST OF FLORIDA 2023 photographer" & owner & of photography & PPA insured (Member) & Photographer.

Joe Spedale Jr.(Photographer / Videographer), 2022/2023 Best of Florida Winner, a visionary in the world of professional photography, co-founded the renowned Spedale Jr. Photography in 2013 alongside his spouse. This marked a significant chapter in Joe's journey, which began in earnest in the year 2000. Faced with the choice between Spanish and photography as a high school elective, Joe's decision was clear, setting him on the path of a lifelong passion for photography. Since then, a camera has been a constant in his life, capturing the myriad of mesmerizing moments that life presents.

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Joe's commitment to his craft is deeply rooted in the joy and fulfillment he derives from seeing families discuss his services and proudly display his artwork on social media. His photographs, a testament to his skill and passion, showcase his dedication to excellence.

Managing Spedale Jr. Photography is more than a business for Joe; it's a commitment. He approaches this role not just with the goal of personal achievement but also with the responsibility of providing for and supporting his loved ones. Joe takes great pride in being the trusted photographer for his clients, capturing their most precious moments, from intimate family gatherings to grand weddings and memorable vacations.

Joe's enthusiasm extends beyond photography to video production, particularly in creating marketing videos for small businesses. He finds great satisfaction in the artistic blending of music, text, and product showcases in his video editing. What started as a family endeavor with the YouTube channel "The Spedale Boys" has flourished into a powerful tool for helping businesses communicate effectively with their audience.

Were it not for the practical demands of financial responsibilities, Joe would joyfully devote himself to this craft without charge, driven by the pure joy of creating impactful visual narratives that resonate with people and support business growth.

Under Joe's leadership, Spedale Jr. Photography offers a diverse range of services, including photography, virtual tours (Matter Port), videography, audio editing/engineering, video editing, business and marketing consulting, photography workshops (focusing on Photoshop/Lightroom), web development (site building, SEO, ads, graphic design), and much more. As the Owner, Photographer, Videographer, Producer, and Director of Spedale Jr. Photography LLC & Spedale Jr. Productions, Joe Spedale Jr. is a multifaceted professional, combining artistic talent with an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve excellence in every project.

Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

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