Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is a small business out of Panama City, Florida.  Some of the many services that #SpedaleJr offers is photography for local businesses who need professional photos for their own marketing needs. Weddings, Family,  events, modeling portfolio session & solo portraits sessions. #SpedaleJr’s photos can be found all over the internet from significant sites like Kickstarter.com and just about all social outlets. The owner Joe Spedale Jr. has worked with many people all over Bay County, Florida and know the importance of prompt, professional service. Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of the many past clients he has worked for.
Hire me for my work & reviews on Google. Not because I have the best pricing! Book your session with a 15% deposit. You’ll be glad you did. I guarantee it!
Thanks for considering Spedale Jr. photography LLC. as your photographer. I am so glad to be the one to capture your special moment in life. No two sessions are the same, and no two photographers are the same, let’s make the most of each session as each time you hire me for all of your events through life. You can hire me for any event; I enjoy photographing all ages, first born all the way to the funeral. Sounds strange, I’m sure. Remember this, If we don’t take photos, you never existed, nor did it happen… Taking photos can’t be taken lightly, it’s not something you want you cousin Suzie doing at your once and a lifetime engagement or wedding. Taking photos as a professional, I have the skill and knowledge of capturing candid moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Life is beautiful, capture it. Do not hire a photographer based on their price. Do not hire a photographer because of who they are as a person. Hire them for the many years they have been a professional photographer and the skills they bring to the table. Ask them how long they have considered themselves a photographer. Ask them if they have any reviews on major sites like Google. I don’t want to win your business because of my pricing, I want to EARN your business with my professional portfolio. Earning customers as a client is one of my biggest concerns as I would be the responsible person to make memories for a lifetime. This is something I take pride and a lot of effort to capture exactly what the customer request. I will listen and type up the requested offer to make sure I have everything that’s needed before you make the 15% deposit. Don’t let my great pricing earn your business, let my portfolio speak for its self, let the photos do the talking, let the reviews and extremely happy customers do the talking. I’ll show up when I say I will and get it right the first time. I guarantee it. If not, I will personally find another photographer for you.
  About Joe Spedale Jr. Here you’ll learn where Joe got the passion for photography to what makes him tick.  Enjoy the read. Any questions email Joe@SpedaleJr.com or message any of his social pages. Joe started in photography back in 2001 when his high school teacher taught him how to work with a camera, capture that moment & how to learn the hard way because nothing is easy.  This just so happens to be one of the many undiscovered talents that Joe found in his early life.  He’s wanted to give up photography many times because of the stress of the job and the time it took from the family.  He did the ultimate sacrifice to make sure food got put on the table & bills were paid. At the peak of his professional career November of 2017 Joe sold off every single piece of equipment he owned. This gave him the time to reflect on what mattered most, his family. “I love my family, but to drop a god given gift that provides for the family was one of the dumbest moves of my life, ” he said.  It’s a very hard concept to grasp onto unless you were in his shoes. This caught all of his customers by surprise. Joe felt bad. All the last minute clients starting to roll in before the very last day. No one could believe what is happening. Selling off equipment that he swore he’d never sell, he had to let go. All Joe could see is the finishing line and a way to pay the bills that were about to be due. “I told myself, I’m dropping photography, and maybe go into the video production business. Nope, that cost way more and my bills needed to be paid. I did get a cool drone in the hopes I’d make a business out of that. Winter time wasn’t paying much for photography business anyways.” Three months go by and all his many photography friends are posting their work on all the social sites, things start setting in on the decisions he made to sell off the equipment to venture into a new realm of the production business while paying the bills and working his new job. Come to find out he also enjoys property management also. On the fifth month of 2018 Joe woke up asking himself, what just happen to the past 5 months? Well, I can tell you what happened, “The Spedale Boy’s” While he had his hands free of professional photography he was able to document and produce all the fun and adventurous times with his family. Still seeing others doing the job he gave up, he tried to fill that void with other things. This is when the reality set in, as to the decision he made just only 5 months ago. It seems so long ago. Painful regret fell in his lap after request after request for summer vacation was about to set in. Knowing this could be one of the businesses years for a photographer Joe made the choice to go back to work as a professional photographer once again. Only problem is he had no equipment… With a quick question to god, Joe asked got, How? Why me? Why? God said, “Joe, this is why I put you here on earth, You touch many peoples lives and change them to see life with a whole new perspective, you let them see, what I see, they get the opportunity to work with you, you show them how beautiful their family and selfs really are. You work hard, you deserve to get paid for your work to provide for your family, get off your butt and get back to work! Remember? LIFE IS NOT EASY! Nore is running a business and working a full-time job easy but you must do it, if you want to keep paying your bills and planning to buy a much-needed home for your family.” “I had this my high school teacher and great father & mother put a bug in my head to work hard, life isn’t easy, learn all you can at what you’re good at and take life by the horns and hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy road for all of us. So, go and buy the smoothest riding car for all those bumpy roads money can buy and take it easy and one step at a time.” That’s what I did… I now look at life differently after only five months away from the camera. It just doesn’t feel right unless I can take a photo. I don’t want to miss a moment; I always felt like it’s my responsibility to be the one to lock in the past so the future can enjoy it. I’ve documented all of my friends, family over the past 18 years. It’s nice being able to share the memories with all of my social sites. I can not go a day without telling my story one photo at a time. Let the photo speak for them self. Let the reviews fill you with comfort knowing you’re going to be well taken care of. I’m not one to brag, but your small investment it’s for me, my family or the business. It’s for you and the most important moment in your life. Do not waste your money! Invest in your photographer. It’s not about how expensive the photographers are. It’s about what they can and have done in the past & what they can do for you. I strive for customer satisfaction, quality of product and honesty. Without that, I’m nothing at all. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any of my clients how their photo session went and see if they were happy with the results of their photos. I’m not perfect, but I try to be. It’s one of the hardest jobs with it comes to being the responsible parties in capturing the moment. You can’t be off the the settings of your equipment. This is why I enjoy hosting workshops for other photographers, giving back to others. Teaching what I’ve learned over the years. If you’re one of the lucky people to be a part of the workshops you may learn a thing or two or teach me some new tricks. Remember this, if you’re not learning as a photographer then you shouldn’t call yourself a photographer. You’ll always be learning, NO ONE KNOWS it all! Stick around, we all will have fun while we can in this very short life of ours. Do something people will remember you by. I’m sure the photographs will last a while. Some say that photographers are forever… NOT that’s diamonds!! No, seriously, if the photos life on, then so do I. even if I’m not in any of them. Another thing to note, people may not remember you, your work or even what you look like, one thing they will remember is how you made them feel. Treat others the way you want to be treated and I guarantee you’ll be fine, unless you’re an A**! If this is the case, you will not be in business long. Be nice, be kind and stand up for yourself. Don’t take others negative hating comments to heart. Know that there is always a reason as to why they are upset. It may be you it may be their cat that just pooped oh their new Nikes. Who knows? Who cares? You do you and get moving! STOP reading this and get to work! LIFE IS HARD! Thanks to god! He put you here for a reason! GO GOGO GO S T O P reading this! What is it god’s asking of you?  Sorry not -sorry for bringing god in the mix. I couldn’t of done anything without him…