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To have the BEST session, we need your help. NO ONE wants the best session more than us! TRUST ME! Things can go wrong and will if the rules of the session is not followed. SAFETY is #1. A smile is #2. Scroll down for more info.

See you today at your appointment time.

If you don’t know you time please text 850-832-1390 and ask.



Click the buttons for a very detailed map and information regarding your session.

If the location is not one of the following just let us know the location via text.


(Before the session starts) (This is for the person who hired us) We need your help reminding others in your party of the following.

Be sure to take off your hair ties or hair bands “if” not in use due to the wind.

Do not have a cell phone on your person. Take off your cell phone, from pockets, hips, or clothing / back pocket. You don’t want that in your shot.

Take off your sunglasses and anything you do not want showing in your photos such as keys, property bands, watches (UNLESS THE TAN LINE IS BAD)We know some property bands are required to stay on. That is ok.

Prescription glasses/Sunglasses are ok to have on.

Anything photographed that must be edited out later on, there will be an additional fee starting at $35.00 to $150.00 per photo. No exceptions. We will edit out people in the water only. We will crop/edit out people from the water. Not the pier or on land.

Another must read. (F.A.Q)

(Kids? Getting ready for the session)
Be sure to bring your kid’s favorite snacks and or drinks to give them refreshments if needed. Napping times should allow them to wake up 45 minutes before the session time to allow them time to wake up. Don’t over feed young kids under the age of one. You make get an unwelcome surprise. (Don’t forget a small bribe) if needed. Please try to keep a small snack on hand and clean food or treat that will not stain clothing. Also, you could also bring a helper who can help the kids smile and look at the camera. Sometimes our tricks don’t work. Keep kids away from the water at the start of the session.You’ll want to keep them dry on the first half.

(Water editing?) We do not edit out water or wet spots in clothing.

(Sunburns and tan lines)

(Sweat spots on clothing for men and or women) We do not edit out sweat spots from clothing as this is out of our control. Some,clothing can be edited out, some not so much. If we can edited, we will tack on a small fee if you request editing. Normally it’s $35.00 to $65.00 per photo for this type of edit. (PRO TIP) Try clothing that will not show excessive sweating, like (White) I know, everyone has white on.. Why do you think they have white on? Because it’s “COOL” no, not awesome cool, but TEMP cool. Less sweating, the better the photos. It’s very hot out there. Keep hydrated at all times. (Dress for the weather)

We do not edit those out, We hope you read our faq page when booking.

(Wind) if the wind is above 5 mph we suggest that you bring hair ties and or hair clips and maybe some hair spray for anyone with long hair. “ try to avoid the poof”

(Note for editing people out)
We edit out people in the background of water areas only. We do not edit out anyone on land that knee-deep or higher in water to the edge of the sand dunes including people of your party.


All photos will be done in the shade of the pier. Unless we can find a good location due to overcast or not so harsh light.

(Rain) if the rain percentage is above 5% we suggest that you bring an umbrella.

What does photos look like with overcast or rain? (HAVE A LOOK)

(WIND) Your photographer will help you pick the “BEST LOCATION” on the beach to help with hair. We can not control

Mother Nature, we can only work with it. Watch the beach flags, this will give you an idea of how your hair will look. Bring hair ties and hair clips and maybe a small bottle of water to use to help hold hair down. Keep the “POOFS” away. 🙂

(LINK to weather)

(Balance due) we accept cash or credit on the beach. (Saved cards) we can’t promise to use such features, so be sure to have a credit, debit or cash card with you at all time. 

Tips are welcome and very much appreciated. Tips are split with our helper for the day. The helpers may help watch your belongings, also help carry items if needed. They are instructed not to interact or conflict with the session. The helpers are there to make sure the light stays in place, items don’t come up missing, and to make sure people get business cards from onlookers who also want photos so the photographers can keep on the task of working with the customers. Please note. The helpers will not help get kid’s attention when the session is started. They will not sing baby shark to your little one. Lol!

(Little known fact)
“We are also a part of the service industry too.”

If we are working with another family, please come and check in to tell us you are there. Just look for the helper and let them know.

Look for our RED shirts


Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is trusted by hundreds of families from all over the east coast of the united states to capture their perfect moments on the world’s most beautiful beaches all over North West Florida. While “on a session,” it’s insulting to photograph the same people while on your PAID session. You paid good money for a professional to capture your moments. Don’t be shy to ask for a pose you want.

This rule also includes taking photos/video with a cell phone too. 


You may take photos or videos of behind-the-scenes shots only. Just be sure to tag and check in on Facebook / TikTok or any social site that you use. Be sure to let your friends know you are getting photos from #SpedaleJr Photography. by a photographer with your family; just don’t take the customers that are trying to get their professional photos away from the task at hand. We will ask that you too not play “photographer” while on your session.

Session times may run over or under the paid amount. You tell us when you’re finished getting all the shots needed. Or, we can keep going until we have reached your agreed time threshold. Session prices stay at the agreed time and amount due.

Keep in mind that anyone who does not cooperate in the session regarding posting/crying/not looking in any way will slow down the session resulting in less opportunity for great photos. If you don’t like the pose or feel uncomfortable, please let us know. Don’t feel forced or rushed. Relax and have fun. We strive for smiles and laughing while on a session. If you’re not having fun, neither are we, and it makes for VERY awkward photos. NO ONE WANTS THAT!

How you feel or act will reflect in the session. Anyone in the party portraying not wanting to be there, regardless if you / they were forced to be there or not, will show in the photos. We photographers can read people very well.

For those who have to force others to do the photos with them on the session, tell them this, “please do the photos, smile, and pretend you want great photos, because this is for me, and I love you. I know you love me, and you’d do anything for me. I want photos of you/the family to hang on my wall; I’m so proud of you; I love you. I want people to see who I love most. My family….. _______ fill in the blank!”

As you can see, we have been doing this for a LONG time. No one wants the “BEST SESSION” more than us. Trust me; you may wish to get good photos; we want PERFECT photos if there were such a thing.


Rude comments from customers to our photographers will forfeit all money paid, and the session will come to a close immediately.

Remember, it takes cooperation on the customer’s part to get the best photos. We will try and help you get the best look possible. If your self conscious, please let us know before the session starts. We want to work with you. You can only be happy if you help us help you.






Once you have read this page please text Joe 850-832-6093 the following


Location of session:

Time of session:


This will let Joe know you have read the rules and you’re ready for the BEST session ever. 4 out of 10 people will read all of the following. Thanks for being 1 of the 4. 🙂

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