This page will help you pick the proper clothing for your session. Before booking with Spedale Jr. Photography, you may want some ideas on your overall look. We all want everything to be perfect, down to the clothing you pick.

Perhaps this is your first professional photography session ever. At Spedale Jr. Photography, we have you covered whether this is your 20th session or your 1st.

We like for our customers to feel comfortable in their clothing. This being said, don’t feel as if you (HAVE TO) dress up in your Sunday best. Let’s help you plan your look.


If you sweat a lot. (Colors to pick)

Ask yourself this question, When is my session? You may say, “Summer” June/July Ok, so now ask yourself how hot will it be for an afternoon session. Panama City Beach is (89 to 102) degrees in the summer from late May through late August. It’s extremely important to understand we all sweat, and you do not want any sweat marks showing in the photos. We don’t edit out sweat spots free of charge.

 If you sweat a lot, you will want an afternoon (After 4:00pm cst) session; it’s a bit cooler then. (Clothing that doesn’t show as much sweat marks) are as followed, White, almost any dark colors, dark navy blue and black won’t show wet stains that bad.

At all cost, light grays, light blues, and bright colors are the worst options for hiding sweat, and they’ll definitely show the world that you can’t stand the heat.”

Summer is the time to use the “vacation look, it’s summer, I’m in Florida look” Females, big hats, white sundresses, Men, khaki shorts, white button-up polo shirts, and flip-flops. Think beach casual and comfortable. If you feel comfortable, you will look comfortable too.



Winter sessions in Florida can get cold, so dress as you’d like, be sure to have warm clothing on hand if needed. Temperatures range from 40 to 72 degrees. Also, it’s ok to have a jacket or sweater in the photos too.









Use the buttons below to see some ideas.



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