Great Seafood in Panama City Beach?

Welcome to a culinary journey through the coastal paradise of Panama City Beach, brought to you by: Joe Spedale Jr. and Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. Nestled along the pristine shores of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this charming beach town is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Join us as we explore some of the finest seafood restaurants that Panama City Beach has to offer.

Firefly $$$$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu


  • Cost: $$$$
  • Address: 535 Richard Jackson Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phone: (850) 446-7652 (Make a reservation)
  • Website: Firefly Menu

Firefly is an upscale eatery known for its sophisticated ambiance and gourmet seafood dishes. The menu features fresh, locally-sourced seafood prepared with unique, flavorful twists.



Saltwater Grill $$$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Saltwater Grill

  • Cost: $$$
  • Address: 11040 Hutchison Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phone: (850) 230-2739
  • Website: Saltwater Grill Menu

Offering a panoramic view of a large tropical saltwater aquarium, Saltwater Grill serves a diverse range of seafood dishes. It’s a great choice for both casual dinners and special occasions, known for its fresh catches and creative cuisine.


The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House $$$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House

  • Cost: $$$
  • Cuisine: Seafood, Oysters
  • Specialties: Gulf Mahi Mahi, Grouper Pier Park, Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Amberjack Paradise
  • Address: 16220 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
  • Phone: (850) 233-1750
  • Website: The Back Porch Website

As you step into The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House, you’ll find yourself immersed in a coastal paradise. With the gentle sound of waves in the background and a refreshing sea breeze, this restaurant offers an enchanting dining experience. Their menu is a treasure trove of seafood delights, including Gulf Mahi Mahi, Grouper Pier Park, Crab Stuffed Shrimp, and the Amberjack Paradise. Don’t forget to save room for their delectable desserts featuring Key Lime Pie and Florida Sunshine Cake.


Bayou Bill's Crab House $$$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Bayou Bill’s Crab House

  • Cost: $$$
  • Cuisine: Seafood, Crab-focused
  • Specialties: Seafood Gumbo, Smoked Tuna Dip, Blue Crab Claws, Janie’s Pontchartrain
  • Address: 23100 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
  • Phone: (850) 249-4264
  • Website: Bayou Bill’s Website

Bayou Bill’s Crab House is renowned for its seafood haven with a focus on crabs. Their menu features a wide range of options, including seafood gumbo, smoked tuna dip, stuffed mushrooms, and fried or steamed blue crab claws. You can also enjoy Bayou favorites like Janie’s Pontchartrain and Blackened Tuna Orleans, or feast on fried shrimp, oysters, soft-shell crab, fish, and the Bayou Platter for Two. For a steamy treat, try their blue crabs, Alaskan king crab, shrimp and crab boil, or the Ultimate Feast.


Captain Anderson's Restaurant $$$ (seasonal only) (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Captain Anderson’s Restaurant

  • Cost: $$$ (seasonal only)
  • Address: 5551 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City, FL 32408
  • Phone: (850) 234-2225
  • Website: Captain Anderson’s Menu

With waterfront views and an array of fresh seafood, including shrimp and scallops, Captain Anderson’s Restaurant is a beloved spot for seafood aficionados.


Hunt's Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu


Hunt’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant

  • Cost: $$
  • Cuisine: Seafood, Oysters
  • Specialties: Oyster Dishes, Crab Claws, Snow Crab Legs, Fried Crab Cakes
  • Address: 1150 Beck Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401
  • Phone: (850) 763-9645
  • Website: Hunt’s Oyster Bar Website

Hunt’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant is a hidden gem known for its oyster creations. Whether you prefer them raw, steamed, or baked, Hunt’s offers an array of oyster dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Their menu also boasts crab claws, snow crab legs, fried crab cakes, and a selection of salads, sandwiches, and dinners featuring snapper, tuna, grouper, and mahi-mahi. Meat lovers can savor juicy ribeye steaks, and dessert enthusiasts can indulge in Turtle Pie, Key Lime Pie, and French Silk Pie.


Shrimp Basket $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Shrimp Basket

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 12390 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phone: (850) 563-7836
  • Website: Shrimp Basket Locations
  • Cuisine: Seafood

Shrimp Basket is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a variety of fried, grilled, and steamed seafood dishes. Be sure to try their popular Coconut Shrimp and Stuffed Flounder.


J Michael's Restaurant $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu


J Michael’s Restaurant

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 3210 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408
  • Phone: (850) 233-2055
  • Website: J Michael’s Restaurant Menu
  • Cuisine: Creole and Southern

At J Michael’s Restaurant, you’ll experience a delightful blend of Creole and Southern hospitality. This eatery is known for its “You Hook ‘Em, We Cook ‘Em” special, catering to fishing enthusiasts seeking a fresh catch of the day.


Boon Docks Restaurant $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Boon Docks Restaurant

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 14854 Bay View Cir, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
  • Phone: (850) 230-0005
  • Website: Boon Docks Restaurant Menu
  • Cuisine: Seafood

Boon Docks Restaurant is famous for its fresh grouper and hush puppies, offering picturesque views of the docks and a delightful dining experience.


Bayou on the Beach $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Bayou on the Beach

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 11115 Hutchison Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phone: (850) 249-3478
  • Website: Bayou on the Beach Menu
  • Cuisine: Seafood

Bayou on the Beach is renowned for its use of fresh ingredients and cozy setting. Indulge in dishes like Baked Rockefeller and Seafood Gumbo while enjoying the coastal charm of this restaurant.


Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 1151 Bayview Ave, Panama City, FL 32401
  • Phone: (850) 763-8427
  • Website: Uncle Ernie’s Menu
  • Cuisine: Seafood

Located on the bay, Uncle Ernie’s offers a more laid-back dining experience with a view. Known for its local seafood dishes, this restaurant combines great food with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


Pineapple Willy's $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Pineapple Willy’s

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 9875 S Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408
  • Phone: (850) 235-0928
  • Website: Pineapple Willy’s Menu

Pineapple Willy’s, situated at 9875 S Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, is a renowned landmark restaurant with a unique coastal charm. While it’s famous for its mouthwatering ribs, what truly makes this restaurant special is its pier-side dining experience. As you enjoy your meal, you’ll be treated to breathtaking beachfront views, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your dining adventure.

Although Pineapple Willy’s isn’t exclusively a seafood restaurant, it offers a selection of seafood dishes that perfectly complement its coastal location. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or prefer to indulge in their famous ribs, Pineapple Willy’s offers a delightful mix of flavors in a picturesque setting.


Schooners $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu


  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 5121 Gulf Dr, Panama City, FL 32408
  • Phone: (850) 235-3555
  • Website: Schooners Menu
  • Cuisine: Seafood

Situated on the beachfront, Schooners provides a relaxed yet classy atmosphere, making it perfect for a night out. They offer a range of seafood dishes, with the Gulf fresh grouper basket being a highlight.


Runaway Island $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Runaway Island

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 14521 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
  • Phone: (850) 634-4884
  • Website: Runaway Island Menu

For a beachfront dining experience, head to Runaway Island. This restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse seafood menu, perfect for a casual yet classy meal.


Dee's Hangout $$ (Read more) + Map/Address/Phone/Menu

Dee’s Hangout

  • Cost: $$
  • Address: 529 N Richard Jackson Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phone: (850) 249-4264
  • Website: Dee’s Hangout Menu
  • Cuisine: Cajun and Creole

Dee’s Hang Out is celebrated for its Cajun and Creole-inspired dishes, such as jalapeño oysters and po’ boys. Their menu also features a seafood platter and a renowned Smoked Tuna Dip, making it a must-visit for lovers of bold and flavorful cuisine.


Price (High to low)

Here are the restaurants rearranged by cost, with the most costly first:

Firefly ($$$$)
Saltwater Grill ($$$)
Saltwater Grill ($$$)
The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House ($$$)
Bayou Bill’s Crab House ($$$)
Captain Anderson’s Restaurant ($$$ – seasonal only)
Saltwater Grill ($$$)
Saltwater Grill ($$$)
Hunt’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant ($$)
The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House ($$$)
Bayou Bill’s Crab House ($$$)
Pineapple Willy’s ($$)
Pineapple Willy’s ($$)
Bayou on the Beach ($$)
Dee’s Hangout ($$)
J Michael’s Restaurant ($$)
Shrimp Basket ($$)
Runaway Island ($$)
Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill ($$)
Schooners ($$)
Boon Docks Restaurant ($$)

Tipping in Panama City Beach

Tipping practices in Panama City Beach, like in many places, are an important part of dining out, and it’s customary to leave gratuity for good service. Here’s a general guide for tipping in restaurants while on vacation in Panama City Beach:

  1. Standard Tipping Rate: The standard tipping rate in restaurants in Panama City Beach is around 15% to 20% of the total bill before taxes. You can calculate this by moving the decimal point one place to the left (for 10%) and doubling it for 20%. For example, if your bill is $50, a 15% tip would be $7.50, and a 20% tip would be $10.

  1. Check the Bill: Some restaurants in Panama City Beach may include a service charge or gratuity on the bill, especially for larger groups. Make sure to check your bill to see if a service charge has already been added. If it has, you can still leave an additional tip if you feel it’s warranted, but it’s not mandatory.

  1. Tipping for Good Service: If you receive exceptional service or if your server goes above and beyond to make your dining experience enjoyable, consider leaving a larger tip, closer to 20% or even more.

  1. Tipping for Large Groups: If you’re dining with a large group (typically 6 or more people), some restaurants may automatically include a gratuity on the bill. Be sure to check and see if this is the case. If not, it’s a good practice to leave a tip of at least 18-20% for larger groups.

  1. Cash Tips: While credit card payments are common, it’s appreciated if you leave cash tips for your server. This ensures that the server receives their gratuity directly.

  1. Bartenders: If you’re sitting at the bar or ordering drinks separately, it’s customary to tip bartenders around $1 to $2 per drink or 15-20% of the total bill.

  1. Delivery and Takeout: If you’re ordering food for delivery or picking up takeout, a tip of 10-15% is generally considered appropriate, depending on the level of service provided.
  2. Hotel Dining: If you dine at a restaurant within a hotel in Panama City Beach, tipping practices are similar. However, check if a service charge has been added to your bill.

  1. Photography: In Panama City Beach, it has become a customary practice over the last decade to show appreciation to your photographer for exceptional service since many of them offer discounted rates to remain competitive. A tip exceeding 20% is considered a generous gesture to help offset the competitive pricing. Additionally, it’s important not to overlook the assistants who contribute to the session’s success. A gratuity of $10.00 or more after the session is greatly appreciated by them. Some clients choose to provide a fixed amount as a tip, while others prefer a percentage-based approach. Some photographers even offer extra benefits for tips exceeding the local standard of 20%. For instance, with Spedale Jr. Photography, if you tip more than 35%, your photos receive expedited editing service. Now, that’s exceptional service!

  1. Be Polite and Courteous: Always be polite and courteous when interacting with restaurant staff. Good manners and a friendly attitude go a long way in ensuring good service.

  1. Exceptions: If you experience exceptionally poor service, it’s still polite to leave a small tip (10%) and address any concerns with the restaurant manager or owner separately.

Remember that tipping practices can vary from one place to another, so it’s a good idea to inquire about local customs if you’re dining outside of Panama City Beach or in a different country. Ultimately, tipping is a way to show appreciation for good service, and it’s an important part of the dining & service experience.

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