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(Hidden Treasures) Panama City Beach, FL

Something you may not know about Panama City Beach.

Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Panama City Beach A Locals Guide

Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Panama City Beach: A Local’s Guide

Panama City Beach, FL – While Panama City Beach is renowned for its stunning coastline and vibrant tourist attractions, there lies a world of hidden gems and local secrets waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveler. Away from the bustling crowds and typical hotspots, these lesser-known locales offer a glimpse into the authentic charm of this beloved Florida destination.

Hidden Lagoon Super Race Track and Golf: Tucked away from the main tourist circuit, this family-friendly venue presents a delightful escape with its less crowded mini-golf and go-karting tracks. It’s a perfect blend of fun and relaxation, providing an alternative to the usual beach activities.

Tranquility at Camp Helen State Park: While many flock to the popular St. Andrews, Camp Helen State Park remains a serene haven. Offering a more natural beach experience, it’s a place where tranquility reigns supreme, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty.

A Taste of Local Flavors at Seafood Markets: For a truly authentic Florida culinary experience, bypass the regular dining scene and head to local seafood markets like Buddy’s Seafood Market. Here, visitors can purchase the freshest catch of the day and enjoy a home-cooked meal that captures the essence of Florida’s rich seafood tradition.

The Serene Waters of Econfina Creek: While Shell Island is a common choice for many, Econfina Creek remains a hidden sanctuary. Known for its crystal-clear springs, it offers idyllic conditions for canoeing and kayaking, away from the crowded shores.

Nature’s Call at Panama City Beach Conservation Park: A paradise for nature enthusiasts, this conservation park features extensive walking trails and boardwalks, often overlooked by tourists. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Florida’s natural landscapes.

Morning Delight at Thomas Donut & Snack Shop: For a taste of local life, start your day at Thomas Donut & Snack Shop. Located off the main tourist path, it’s revered for its delicious donuts and embodies the genuine local vibe of Panama City Beach.

Unwind at Local Dive Bars: Escape the tourist-heavy areas and explore the local scene at dive bars like Ms. Newby’s or No Name Lounge. These spots offer an authentic slice of local life, perfect for those looking to mingle with residents and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.

Historic Charm of St. Andrews: This quaint area offers a refreshing change from the typical beachfront hustle. With unique shops, restaurants, and a relaxed ambiance, it’s a slice of Panama City Beach’s history and culture.

Vibrant Local Music Scene: Venture to smaller venues such as Mosey’s or The Funky Mermaid Lounge for a night of live music. These spots are beloved by locals and provide an intimate setting to enjoy some of the area’s best musical talents.

Artistic Exploration at Amelia Center Gallery: Located at Gulf Coast State College, the Amelia Center Gallery presents a cultural retreat with various art exhibits, far from the crowded tourist attractions.

Exploring by Pontoon Boat: A favorite activity among locals, renting a pontoon boat to navigate the Grand Lagoon or visit Shell Island offers a unique perspective of the area, away from the usual tour groups.

Secluded West End Beaches: For those seeking a quiet day by the sea, the beaches on the west end of Panama City Beach are less frequented and ideal for a serene beach experience.

Local Eats at Finn’s Island Style Grub: This spot is a local treasure for those craving casual, fresh, and delicious seafood. It stands apart from the typical tourist dining spots, offering a taste of the local culinary scene.

Unique Beach Horseback Riding: Panama City Beach offers a unique horseback riding experience, especially during the off-season. This activity provides an exclusive way to explore the beach’s natural beauty.

Celebrating Local Culture at Festivals: Keep an eye on local events and festivals. These gatherings are not as widely advertised but are a fantastic way to experience the area’s rich culture and community spirit.

In conclusion, Panama City Beach’s true charm lies in these hidden spots and local favorites. Engaging with residents and exploring beyond the well-trodden paths reveals a side of this Florida gem that remains untouched by the typical tourist experience. As you plan your visit, remember that the best local secrets are often found through conversations with those who call Panama City Beach home

F.A.Q page.

If you have a question that is not here, try our F.A.Q page. (HERE)

Color Palette

Opt for soft, neutral, or pastel colors. These hues complement the natural beach setting and help create a cohesive look. Avoid overly bright or neon colors as they can be distracting and clash with the serene beach background.

Textures and Layers

Light, airy fabrics that flow with the wind can add a dynamic element to your photos. Think linen, cotton, or chiffon. Layering clothes can also add depth to your photos, such as a light cardigan or scarf.

Comfort and Fit
Choose outfits that are comfortable and fit well. You might be walking in sand or sitting on the beach, so ensure your clothing allows for movement.
Coordinate but Don’t Match

If taking group photos, coordinate your outfits but avoid wearing exactly the same color. Complementary colors or different shades of the same color work well.


Consider going barefoot for a natural beach look. If you prefer wearing shoes, sandals or flip-flops are appropriate for the setting.


Keep accessories simple. Hats, sunglasses, and minimalistic jewelry can add to your look without overpowering it.

Hair and Makeup

Natural hairstyles typically work best on the beach. Also, consider the wind and humidity when deciding on your hair and makeup.

Children's Clothing

For kids, comfortable and playful outfits work well. Consider the ease of movement, as kids tend to run and play during the session.

Plan for the Weather:

Panama City Beach can be warm, so choose breathable fabrics. Also, be prepared for a change in weather, such as a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.

Theme or Occasion:

If your photo session is for a special occasion or you have a specific theme in mind, choose outfits that align with this theme while still keeping in mind the beach setting.

The Goal

Remember, the goal is to look like yourselves and feel comfortable, as this will shine through in your photographs. It’s always a good idea to discuss your outfit choices with your photographer, as they can provide guidance on what works best for the beach setting and lighting.


Session locations?

Please text 850-832-1390 if you don’t know where your session is.

By default, all sessions are at the Miller County Pier unless otherwise agreed on.

You should have got a reminder the day before the session from our system.


Our beach sessions are flexible in location, commonly held at M.B County Pier  if we are booked at one location already we can’t move.

Other locations used.

St. Andrews State Park

Russell-Fields Pier

Can you come to us? Yes, for a fee as we can’t bring other sessions with us, you would have to cover the loss of business.

The "dos and don'ts"

Dos of a Photography Session:

  1. Do communicate and establish a clear understanding of expectations, preferences, and goals with your photographer before the session.
  2. Do plan and prepare ahead of time, including choosing suitable outfits, locations, and any props or accessories you want to incorporate.
  3. Do arrive on time or even a few minutes early to ensure a smooth start to the session.
  4. Do relax and be yourself during the session. Natural and authentic expressions often make for the best photographs.
  5. Do trust and follow the photographer’s guidance and direction. They have the expertise to capture your best angles and create beautiful compositions.
  6. Do embrace spontaneity and have fun. Candid moments and genuine emotions can make for memorable and unique photographs.
  7. Do communicate openly with the photographer during the session if you have any concerns or ideas you’d like to try.
  8. Do take breaks and stay hydrated, especially during longer sessions or when shooting outdoors.
  9. Do ask for advice on posing and expressions if you’re unsure. Your photographer can offer guidance and suggestions to help you look your best.
  10. Do enjoy the experience and cherish the moments captured. A positive attitude and enthusiasm can make a photography session more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Don’ts of a Photography Session:

  1. Don’t be late without notifying your photographer. Punctuality is important to ensure you have enough time for the session and to respect the photographer’s schedule.
  2. Don’t wear overly distracting or clashing outfits that may take away from the main focus of the photographs.
  3. Don’t feel self-conscious or overly posey. Relax and be yourself, allowing the photographer to capture your natural beauty and personality.
  4. Don’t bring too many people or distractions to the session unless they are directly involved or necessary for the concept.
  5. Don’t be overly critical or negative during the session. Trust the photographer’s expertise and give them the space to work creatively.
  6. Don’t insist on copying exact poses or images from someone else’s work. Allow your photographer to create unique and personalized images for you.
  7. Don’t constantly check or use your phone during the session. Give your full attention to the photography process to get the best results.
  8. Don’t rush through the session. Take the time to relax and enjoy the experience, allowing for breaks and moments of reflection.
  9. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or further instructions if something is unclear. Clear communication is key to a successful session.
  10. Don’t be disappointed if not every shot is perfect. Trust that your photographer will select and edit the best images to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.
Should I tip a photographer for a mini session?

Should I tip a photographer for a mini session? Mini sessions are another special case. A photographer usually organizes them as a way to promote themselves. This means they are charging less than their usual fee. A small tip is always welcome to compensate for this.


bartenders, we believe a 20% tip


Need more tips before the session?

Seem to have more questions? Need a good read on more tips to prep? Check out the “Top 50 Tips” page.

(REQUIRMENT) "if" you read this page. 😉

Send a quick text to Joe your photographer the following. 

First and Last name” (the one you booked the session with), the words, “We are Ready,” and “Location of the session” show you care and you have read the prep page and won’t come unprepared for the session. Also helps the photographer to establish communication with the customer/customer. 

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A Dance with the Waves

Oceanfront Euphoria
Sunlit Beach Fun
Sequin Sparkle Beachwear
Coastal Getaway Fashion
Sandsational Delight
Wave Whisperer
Seashore Frolic
Beachside Blissfulness
Sandy Sojourns
Sun Worshipper’s Diary
Beachwear Glitter Trend
Seabreeze Happiness
Saltwater Joys
Sunbathed Laughter
Beach Frolicking
Seaside Celebration
Aquatic Serendipity
Boho Beach Attire
Sun-Drenched Moments
Sandy Escape Narratives

New parking fees at the M.B. Miller County Pier

The M.B. Miller County Pier has implemented new parking fees aimed at enhancing visitor experiences and supporting the maintenance and upkeep of the pier facilities. These fees apply to all vehicles parked within the designated parking areas at the pier.

Visitors can expect a structured fee system based on duration of parking, with options available for hourly rates as well as daily rates for longer stays. The new parking fees are designed to be fair and reasonable, reflecting the value of the amenities and services provided at the pier.

Payment for parking can typically be made at designated pay stations conveniently located within the parking area, or through alternative methods such as mobile payment apps where available. Clear signage and instructions are provided to guide visitors through the payment process and ensure compliance with the new parking fee regulations.

The revenue generated from these parking fees contributes directly to the maintenance, preservation, and improvement of the pier facilities, ensuring that visitors can continue to enjoy a safe, clean, and well-maintained environment during their visit.

Overall, while the implementation of new parking fees may represent a change for visitors, it is ultimately aimed at enhancing the overall experience at the M.B. Miller County Pier and supporting its long-term sustainability as a cherished community asset.

Bold and Beautiful – Chipley Florida

Motorcycle Photography
Lifestyle Photoshoot
Professional Portrait
High Fashion Meets Biker Culture
Adventure and Style
Night Photography
Confidence on Camera
Custom Bike Showcase
Edgy Fashion Statements
The Art of Motorbiking

Their love – My Gift to them

Love, romance, and cross-cultural connection, chance encounter at Ugly Mug coffee shop, leading to an eternal bond and a heartfelt session…

Your 2024 Guide to Panama City Beach, Florida

Spedale Jr. Photography is Your Guide to Panama City Beach Florida Vacations.
Panama City Beach isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall when the weather is perfect, and the crowds are fewer. Getting there is a breeze, with direct flights to Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport and easy road access from major cities. Once you’ve arrived, local transportation options like rental cars, buses, and even bicycles make exploring the city both convenient and enjoyable.

Joe’s a “Brest Cancer Awareness Ambassador”

It is important to highlight the significance of such initiatives, especially in raising awareness for breast cancer. Activities like the annual 5K walk in Aaron Bessent Park, organized by the American Cancer Society, play a crucial role in bringing communities together to support a vital cause. Photography, as an art form, can be a powerful tool in this context, capturing the essence of these events and the stories of individuals who participate.

High School Senior Photographer Joe Spedale Jr. – Chipley – Panama City Beach, Florida

Capturing Memorable Moments: Senior High School Photography with Joe Spedale in Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida
Senior high school is a time of significant milestones and unforgettable memories. It’s a period marked by personal growth, friendships, and achievements. What better way to preserve these moments than through the lens of a professional photographer? In Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida, Joe Spedale at Spedale Jr. Photography is the go-to choice for capturing senior high school memories in all their glory.

The Importance of Senior High School Photography
Your high school years are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They’re filled with prom nights, graduation ceremonies, and the camaraderie of friends. These moments deserve to be captured and cherished for years to come. Senior high school photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about freezing these moments in time, allowing you to revisit them whenever you please.

Meet Joe Spedale: Your Senior High School Photographer
A Passion for Photography
Joe Spedale is not just a photographer; he’s an artist who is passionate about capturing the essence of every individual he photographs. With years of experience in the field, Joe has honed his craft to perfection. His love for photography shines through in every shot he takes.

Unique Style and Creativity
What sets Joe apart is his unique style and creative approach to photography. He doesn’t just take pictures; he creates works of art. Joe’s ability to blend natural light, stunning backdrops, and your personality into a single frame is what makes his photography truly exceptional.

Personalized Senior Sessions
Every senior is unique, and Joe understands this better than anyone. He works closely with each senior to create a personalized photography session that reflects their individuality and interests. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, or a bookworm, Joe will tailor your session to bring out the best in you.

Locations: Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida
The Beauty of Chipley
Chipley, Florida, offers a picturesque backdrop for senior high school photography. With its charming small-town atmosphere and scenic landscapes, it’s the perfect place to capture timeless moments. Whether you want a rustic, countryside setting or a downtown vibe, Chipley has it all.

Paradise in Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant atmosphere, provides a unique setting for senior photography. Imagine the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico as you pose for your senior portraits. Joe Spedale knows how to make the most of this breathtaking location.

The Photography Experience
Professionalism and Comfort
Joe Spedale prides himself on providing a professional yet comfortable photography experience. Many high school seniors may feel nervous or camera-shy, but Joe’s friendly demeanor and expertise will put you at ease. He knows how to capture your natural beauty and personality.

High-Quality Products
Your senior photos deserve to be displayed in the best possible way. Joe offers a range of high-quality products, from custom prints to stunning canvases and digital albums. These treasures will adorn your home and serve as lasting reminders of your senior year.

Booking Your Senior High School Photography Session
Planning Ahead
Senior year is a busy time, so it’s essential to plan your photography session well in advance. Reach out to Joe Spedale early to discuss your preferences, choose a location, and schedule a date that works for you.

What to Expect
On the day of your session, you can expect a fun and memorable experience. Joe will guide you through different poses and settings, ensuring that every shot reflects your personality and style. It’s all about creating images that capture the real you.

Your senior year is a chapter of your life that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. Senior high school photography with Joe Spedale at Spedale Jr. Photography in Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida, is your opportunity to freeze these moments in time. Joe’s passion, creativity, and personalized approach will ensure that your senior portraits are nothing short of spectacular.

Don’t wait; book your senior high school photography session today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Senior High School Photography in Northwest Florida
Senior Graduation Photography in Chipley & Panama City Beach

Capturing Memorable Moments: Senior High School Photography with Joe Spedale in Chipley and Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach, Fl (SEAFOOD)

Welcome to a culinary journey through the coastal paradise of Panama City Beach, brought to you by Joe Spedale Jr. and Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. Nestled along the pristine shores of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this charming beach town is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Join us as we explore some of the finest seafood restaurants that Panama City Beach has to offer.

How to get a successful family beach session?

Preparation Tips: Before your session, it’s a good idea to read the preparation guide provided by Spedale Jr. Photography at Spedale Jr. Photography’s Prep Page. This guide will offer detailed advice on how to get ready for your photo session.

25 ideas for your upcoming Panama City Beach Vacation.

Creating a comprehensive guide for a family vacation to Panama City Beach, including must-know tips, places to eat, activities, and packing ideas, is a great way to assist travelers. Here’s a detailed list to help you plan your trip. Find out what they are….

Should you tip a photographer?

In the enchanting world of photography, we uncover a tradition that transcends the ordinary – the act of tipping. Join us on a journey where appreciation becomes an art form, where your generous tip is more than just a monetary gesture. Discover how tipping in our Panama City Beach photography business symbolizes the depth of connection, the profound enrichment of your memories, and the celebration of a unique artistic partnership. Explore the stories behind the numbers – from the 20% token of appreciation to the transformative 35% gesture that sets your memories on a fast track. It’s not just about recognizing service; it’s about honoring an unforgettable experience. Step into the realm where photography transcends business and becomes a shared celebration of life’s fleeting, beautiful moments. Open the door to our blog post and unveil the art of gratitude!

See you soon on our session. Let’s prep.

By keeping these points in mind, your family photo session at Panama City Beach will not only be smooth and enjoyable but will also result in beautiful, meaningful photographs that you’ll cherish for years to come

Beach Style Secrets

Master beach session fashion in Panama City Beach with tips on color, comfort, and style to make your photos naturally stunning.

10 questions you should be asking your photographer.

Check list to find a photographer, Finding the best photographer, How to pick the best photographer, Photographer checklist, photographers, photography guide to pick the best, picking a photographer.

The reason for asking the top 10 questions when considering a photographer for your upcoming session is to ensure that you make an informed and confident choice. These questions serve as a guideline to help you understand the photographer’s qualifications, style, and the overall experience you can expect.

Panama City Beach Sunset Photographer.

When you want a real sunset photographer Joe is the only one you need. So worth every penny.

The Spedale Family Vlog – The Spedale Boys.

The Spedale Boys are an exuberant family of six, embarking on daily adventures and gathering life’s lessons along the way. Hailing from Panama City, Florida, they ventured to Chipley after the impact of Hurricane Michael. Today, their family vlog chronicles the children’s growth, paralleling the evolution of their YouTube channel. Tune into our family’s journey on YouTube, where we aim to entertain you and impart enjoyable life lessons, with the hope that you’ll recommend our channel to friends and families alike.

Discover more from Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. 850-832-6093 Our family to yours.

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