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2017 Beach Bash Event

2017 Beach Bash Event

Link to the Panama City Modeling & Photography Club (BEACH BASH) Beach Event SpedaleJr-9669 Beach Event SpedaleJr-4612 Beach Event SpedaleJr-9697 Beach Event...

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Protected: Full Set Cat Woman With Ashley

Protected: Full Set Cat Woman With Ashley

This is a set of photos just for my fans. Thank you for your support over the years. You mean a lot to me. I want to bring you more photos of me if you can please keep...

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Ashley Lozada little black dress

Ashley Lozada little black dress

Ashley Lozada by SpedaleJr-1102 Ashley Lozada little black dress #SpedaleJr Ashley Lozada by SpedaleJr-1110 Ashley Lozada #SpedaleJr Ashley Lozada by SpedaleJr-1110...

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Family session only $189.00

Family session only $189.00

Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is going to give a few family session away for only $189.00, rather than the normal rate of $249.95. School is out, Spedale Jr. Photography...

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What are people saying about Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

Friendly photographer, works with all ages. Open minded and quick to edit your photos!
Spedale photography has done several photo shoots for me and my family. His work is fantastic and he has created lasting memories for my family and generations to come. I highly recommend him, not only for family photos but weddings and specials occasions as well. Excellent photographer in Panama City, FL.
I have worked with SpedaleJr Photography for several years now, and I have to say the amount of professionalism and planning that goes into each session is unprecedented. The photographers for weddings really make the entire family feel special, and give a unique experience to each one. Their beach work is exceptional as well. While there are many photographers out there SpedaleJr is the best to work with hands down. Not only do they have the ability to deliver an unique experience, but they do not rush the client. On several occasions I’ve watched as Joe worked with a client who was new to having his/her photo taken, and he talked them through different poses, and was very patient. Having been on both sides of the camera with this company I have to say they are professional all the way around. I highly recommend!
Joe has taken all of our family portraits since my husband and I got married. We absolutely love him and his level of professionalism. He always goes the exta mile to get great shots of our son also. I would highly recommend Spedale Jr Photography to anyone who wants not only great family portraits, but also event photos as well.
5 Stars! He’s Really Good With The Camera! Very PROFESSIONAL & Creative!
I have done 3 going on 4 photo shoots already and I love it. Joe is the one to go to if you want your photos taken. Wouldn’t go to anyone else!
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Spedale for the first time today and absolutely loved it. I approached him about capturing and preserving a tattoo I had recently got this past weekend (9-14-2014) and wanted to get nice professional pictures done before the healing process started and if he had any openings upon my immediate returning home the following Monday. He immediately got back with me and worked out a location and time for the photos. We both had a blast and I enjoyed the laughter and smiles while working with Mr. Spedale. We shot yesterday Monday the 15th of September and he knocked it out of the park with the photos and editing! Great Gentleman and very professional!
Joe is a consummate professional and really works hard at his craft. He provides a good product for the customer’s investment.
Triniti & April: We love doing shoot’s with Joe! He is super fun and easy to work with! We always have a good time when shooting with him!
I loveee Spedale Jr. Photography!! Great photographer and very fun shoots!
Working with Joe on photo shoots has been very rewarding. He is extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to share his knowledge with others. When interacting with clients he maintains a high level of professionalism and treats all of his clients with respect. His drive and enthusiasm are evident in his work.
Turning 40 was hard on me, I am very self conscious and had been feeling unattractive for awhile.. I had the absolute pleasure of spending an afternoon with Joe and let me tell you…. I absolutely LOVED the photos… I felt beautiful, and elegant…. I so needed this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are an amazing photographer!
He is awesome, very friendly, patient, take his time to capture perfect pictures, always open up to any ideas you want to do for the photo shoot cause he will make it happen.. i worked with him more than 5 times. he is one of my favorite photographers i work with. I would recommend yall to use him for any photo shoot because he will make sure you get great pictures exactly the way you want him to take pictures, Best part is he will give you links to let you choice which you like the most, because most of the photographers doesn’t do that.. he will make you happy with the pictures cause He never disappoint me every time i work with him. you will be not disappoint with him if you decide to hire him. 🙂
I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Joe. What stands out most his ability to work with people. He is a natural at posing people, helping and teaching the art of posing to his clients. What’s most important is his love for photography, which he is more than happy to help fellow photographers improve their skills. It says something when clients book you over and over again.
My first (and hopefully one of many) session with Joe was as a part of a photo workshop he’d help coordinate. I was very pleased at both his approach ability and level of professionalism. There were many different aspects to coordinate between the models and the photographers present and I have to say that not once did I feel crowded or ignored. The beginnings of many promising relationships formed that day and that is quite an accomplishment!!! 🙂
On top of that, my photos were absolutely stunning!! Every photo that I’ve seen of every model is just gorgeous. Whatever their age or size or style, the best aspects were uncovered in the lens. Thank you Joe!!! <3
Joe makes you feel so comfortable and has a great eye for the perfect shots. My maternity photos came out great!
It’s been a great pleasure to work with Joe. He is very professional at what he does and has an ability to make every model feel comfortable and valued. He never looks at the time and always takes time to shoot beautiful pictures! And they are indeed beautiful which makes it very hard to chose the best. 🙂 you won’t regret if you choose him to take pictures for you. I’ve met with a lot of photographers and being from a different country I learnt to look for people who see beauty in everything. And that’s Joe. And don’t you worry, he will tell you how to better pose for a camera.
Joe is extremely professional! His knowledge about the business is endless! He helped me grow as a model in so many ways! I highly recommend his business for any photography needs!
Joe is nothing short of amazing! He was very easy to work with, very accommodating, and made sure I got the shots I wanted for my portfolio. He was very patient and helpful throughout the entire shoot. Great eye for photography and was blast during the shoot!
I had a wonderful experience working with Joe! I have had the pleasure of working with him on two different occasions and the resulting images from each session were amazing. They were above and beyond my expectations. I was very excited to share them with my friends and family. As well as being very helpful and suggestive with my poses he was very easy going! If you are looking to build your portfolio or are planning a special event, Joe Spedale Jr. Is worth every penny!
I have worked with Joe three times; once solo, the next was supposed to be solo but he was so generous to have my husband in a few shots, and then the third was supposed to be my daughters shoot and he was so kind and to involve my husband and I for a few daddy and daughter shots and some family shots. Every picture he took turned out amazing! He is absolutely great. He has the greatest deals. He is always professional and extremely creative. He is very talented in lighting, edits, positioning, and photography itself!!!
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