Who is Spedale Jr?

                  Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. is a wedding and portrait photography company from Panama City, Florida, I have been servicing areas throughout North West Florida & local areas, including Panama City, Panama...

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My name is Joe Spedale Jr. I’ve lived here in Panama City for the past 32 years. I’ve been in photography for the past 16 years. Five years of that, I’ve done professionally, I’ve always devoted my time and effort to the people of Bay County and would be happy to be called your photographer. I’ve been trusted to bring some of the most prestigious wedding photos  & commercial business photos to, professional modeling clients to add/start their portfolio.

Please stop by my online store for my rates. Also check out what events are going on.

Any question, please email or call me. Joe@SpedaleJr.com 850-832-6093 (online store)


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