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“YBG (Young Blessed & Gifted) Photography By: #SpedaleJr Photography LLC of Panama City Florida. “A Young Group (19, 22,& 23) Who Share The Same Home Town & Same Heritage, While Also Giving You 3 Different Stories. Coming Up In The Small River...

YBG clothing line model picks

Picked models 100% Photoshoot 24.6% Well, #YBG had picked their models. Please enjoy the music while you can see who they have picked. (CLICK HERE) to see who had the opportunity to tryout for their clothing line.  If you didn’t get selected, please tag yourself...

T R A S H – the – D R E S S 4.0

TIME IS RUNNING OUT Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) T R A S H – the – D R E S S 4.0  *( Location will be given to online paid participants )* Cost ($25.00 per person with $15.00 per photo) Sunday the 17th, 24th and Sunday the 31st. Pick a date,...