M.B County Pier Photographer


M.B. Miller County Pier

12213 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Please allow 30 minutes for drive time no matter the location you are at on the beach. Traffic is very unpredictable.

Directions for parking. When you get there you may see the West and middle gates blocked off by Police. This is normal. It’s just pushing parking access to the far East parking access. You’ll need to use the East parking access to be able to park.
Give yourself 10 minutes for parking as people leave slots will open.
When parking is full on EXTREMELY busy times like memorial weekend, they may close all three access.
You can park on any public parking outside of the gates. If you wait about 10/30 minutes, the police will open the East gate as people leave to allow others in.
Other parking locations? Just as long as it’s not private parking, you can park in any location. Look out for towing signs. If you see no parking or tow away zones. DO NOT park there.
The Miller County Pier is free parking.
Once parked, look for two blue roofs, one has a clock on top, this is the bathroom location and just south of that is the beach access next to the showers.
You’ll use this beach access. Walk down the blue mobi mat ramp and meet us by the little wooden Tiki hut, if you don’t see us on the beach already.  Look for a red shirt. Come on down and stand by us. This will let me know you’re here and ready to start as soon as the other family has finished. If you’re early, that’s ok we may start sooner than scheduled.


If we are down by the water please feel free to come on down to the water and stand by us.