Did you know we offer other services you can add to your session?

Please take the time to look at the following before clicking the “pay booking fee” button.

Why not add a video to your session? For $179.00, you, too, could have a video like this. Your video will cover the essential parts and highlights you’d otherwise miss with just photos. If you’d like to add this, please click the option on the booking payment page. Please note, that this is per session not per hourly rate. More time you book the longer the video will be. Most all videos you see below fall under (Package #2)

Don’t want to deal with downloading the photos from our online site? Maybe you’d like to use your local print shop. We now offer flash drives for $50.00 and send to you via UPS. You’ll get an online gallery too. (PLEASE NOTE) All flash drive sales are final, {No refunds} and photos are added to the flash drive the same day the online gallery is sent. We don’t wait to mail the flash drives. They are sent the same day. Any major editing or re-edits will not be on the flash drive

Sounds good!  I am ready to pay the booking fee.

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