F.A.Q. I get asked the following a lot.


Q. What are the promos going on this month? A. Keep an eye out on the fan page or the website.

Q. What are your rates? A. See the rate sheet.

Q. Where do you like to do your beach sessions? A. It’s depending on the request of the client. One of my favorite locations is the County Pier. ( 12213 Front Beach Rd. Panama City Beach, FL 32413 )

Q. Are you open on weekends? A. No, not for family sessions, they are held for weddings & engagement sessions only.

Q. What about 13 people or more? A. Send us a message before booking.

Q. Does the rate above include weddings or engagements? A. No, I have rates set for those events/sessions.

Q. When I pay the deposit, does it come off the price? A. Yes. Then you’ll pay the last part of the session the day of either before or after the session.

Q. Do you accept personal checks? A. No, due to the time it takes to clear.

Q. Do you accept a tip for doing a great job? A. Yes, but it’s not required, and anything past the money due is very nice.

Q. How do I get my photos? A. Download them from an online gallery in full resolution to web-friendly sizes.

Q. How do I print? A. You can print from our online gallery or download them and print anywhere you’d like.

Q. How long does the session last? A. Most last 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour.

Q. How many photos will I get? A. 50 to 125 is about the average.

Q. What happens if it rains? A. See “cancellation-policy

Q. What if I have other questions that are not on here. A. Send us a message. We will be with you quickly.

Q. Where can I find all your reviews? A. Google & Facebook.

Q. Ok, you’ve answered all my questions, I’m ready to book. How do I pay the deposit? A. Click this link: “https://SpedaleJr.com/book