F.A.Q. We get asked the following a lot.

Q. What payment types do you accept? A. We take online credit card payments, on location, we take credit cards or cash. We can also use Venmo, CashApp or Paypal No checks. 

Q. How do I get my photos once the session is over? A. See our (how to download photos page)

Q. What are the promos going on this month? A. Keep an eye out on the fan page or the website.

Q. What are your rates? A. See the rate sheet.

Q. Where do you like to do your beach sessions? A. It’s depending on the request of the client. One of my favorite locations is the M.B County Pier. ( 12213 Front Beach Rd. Panama City Beach, FL 32413 )

Q. Are you open on weekends? A. Yes, just add $50.00 to any sessions. Weekends and sunsets are in very high demand for 2020.

Q. What should I wear? A. Great question! We get this a lot. Look at this (LINK) you can get some ideas as what to wear while on your upcoming photo session.

Q. What is the price for more then 13 people, like a party? A. Send us a message before booking.

Q. Does the rate above include weddings or engagements? A. No, we have rates set for those events/sessions.

Q. When I pay the deposit, does it come off the price? A. Yes. Then you’ll pay the last part of the session the day of either before or after the session.

Q. Do you accept personal checks? A. No, due to the time it takes to clear.

Q. Who is the photographer? A. Joe Spedale. He started in photography back in 2000 and opened the doors to Spedale Jr. Photography back in 2013.

Q. Do photographers accept tips for doing a great job? A. Yes, but it’s not required, and anything past the money due is very nice.

Q. How do I get my photos? A. Download them from an online gallery in full resolution to web-friendly sizes. See (THIS LINK) for more info on getting the photos.

Q. How do I print? A. You can print from our online gallery or download them and print anywhere you’d like.

Q. How long does the session last? A. Most last 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour.

Q. How many photos will I get? A. 45 to 150 is about the average.

Q. What happens if it rains? A. See “cancellation-policy” We can shoot in light rain. No thunderstorms for safety reasons. We will reschedule for any other time. We do not refund deposits. We will take the deposit total off your next session. -> More info here. https://spedalejr.com/cancellation-policy/

Q. What if I have other questions that are not on here. A. Send us a message. We will be with you quickly.

Q. Where can I find all your reviews? A. Google & Facebook.

Q. Ok, you’ve answered all my questions, I’m ready to book. How do I pay the deposit? A. Click this link: “https://SpedaleJr.com/book

COVID 19 Questions

Q. What happens if my family gets Covid 19 before the session? A. You must wait or reschedule two weeks our after you’re not sick anymore before we can do the session. We will hold your deposit for next time. No refunds.

Q. What happens if the state or beaches get shut down because of Covid 19 and I’ve paid my $75.00 deposit? A. We will reschedule your session. No refunds because of the loss of business. We will extend the $75.00 deposit holding policy time frame by 6 months. You’ll now have 1.5 years to use your $75.00 deposit as a credit.

Q. What precautions are you taking while on a session? A. I take my own temperature each day. I try to stand at least 6 feet away at all times from myself to you and your family. For families who would like a (NO CONTACT) session. I can email you the required paperwork you must sign before the session for a full no contact session. Don’t worry, I’m a lot more than six feet from you while we shoot.

Q. What happens if the photographer gets sick from COVID 19? A. Won’t happen! J/k We will do our best to book with a backup photographer for the same price and location. Or we can just schedule for next year with a $75.00 credit and $50.00 off coupon for the next session. So that would be $125.00 off. You also would not need to pay the $75.00 to hold your next date or time. You would have one year and six months to book your next session before you lose any money.