Cancellation Policy

Cancellations due to broke down cars, accidents, getting pulled over bad weather, family emergencies & being late are all factors we must all take into concentration both company and customer. We all know no one wants to cancel a session. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. will hold your deposit as a credit on file for 365 days. You may use it next time you are in the area. You may also pass on the deposit to another family if you’d like. By paying the deposit/fee, you are showing you are serious about booking a session. You will have peace of mind knowing that no one else will take your reservation for your big day.


If the client cancels the photography session for any reason, Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. shall be entitled to retain the entire amount already paid, and no portion shall be refunded.


Non-communication cancelation policy. If we do not get a response from the customer 24 hours before the session date, we will consider the session canceled on the customer’s part. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. shall be entitled to retain the entire amount already paid, and no portion shall be refunded.

Should Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. cancel your session for any reason; you will receive a full refund for any deposit made. Otherwise, the session date may change.

Rain Cancelation, (other than) extreme weather such as “lighting/hurricane/tornado”;  Spedale Jr. Photography will not give refunds for regular mother nature rain or overcast days. Reservations will be moved if needed. However, we can not guarantee a new date/time. We do try our best to hold a day open in the week for a backup day. Should the client cancel the session, they will forfeit their date/time and deposit.

Extreme weather such as lighting/hurricane/tornado reservations will be moved to another date. No refunds.

COVID 19 Questions

Q. What happens if my family gets Covid 19 before the session? A. You must wait or reschedule two weeks our after you’re not sick anymore before we can do the session. We will hold your deposit for next time. No refunds.

Q. What happens if the state or beaches get shut down because of Covid 19 and I’ve paid my $100.00 deposit? A. We will reschedule your session. No refunds because of the loss of business. We will extend the $100.00 deposit holding policy time frame by 6 months. You’ll now have 1.5 years to use your $100.00 deposit as a credit.

Q. What precautions are you taking while on a session? A. I take my own temperature each day. I try to stand at least 6 feet away at all times from myself to you and your family. For families who would like a (NO CONTACT) session. I can email you the required paperwork you must sign before the session for a full no contact session. Don’t worry, I’m a lot more than six feet from you while we shoot.

Q.Do I have to have a mask on while we shoot? A. No.

Q. What happens if we cancel due to COVID 19? A. We will allow you to cancel the session. You will have a $100.00 credit on file for one year.

Q. What happens if your company photographer gets sick from COVID 19? A. We will do our best to book with a backup photographer. We can not guarantee we will find a photographer for the same price and or location. We can schedule for next year with a $100.00 credit and $25.00 off coupon for the next session. So that would be $125.00 off. You also would not need to pay the $100.00 to hold your next date or time. You would have one year and six months to book your next session before you lose any money.

This agreement between Spedale Jr. Photography and the client shall not become effective until the initial deposit amount due has been paid. At the time the agreement takes effect, Spedale Jr. Photography shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that client cancels the agreement for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Spedale Jr. Photography in order to offset its loss of business.

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Hello, I'm Joe with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. My wife and I opened the doors to this business in 2013. Since high school, you would always find a camera in my hands. From a 35mm, now with a fully digital camera on the cutting edge technology with the finest equipment & tailored professional training under my belt. Spedale Jr. Photography is able to offer some of the best photos & videos from Northwest Florida has to offer. Now with 21+ of photography experience, we are a thriving and successful professional photography business that is ever-expanding the horizon of the industry we serve. We are known for beach family photography to commercial photography for major brands such as Kickstarter business like Footglove. We also serve as a professional consultant on photography and video productions throughout Northwest Florida. Suppose you require getting something done? Let Spedale Jr. Photography help you. We get it done & we get it done right the first time. Our services are wide and very extensive as follows. Photography, videography, workshops, video & photo editing, graphic design, marketing, website development & consulting in any of the following.


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