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Joe Spedale Jr.

Joe Spedale Jr.

Owner / Photographer / Marketing / tech guru

Joe has lived in Panama City for the past 34 years. Photography has always been a passion for him as well as a profession until 11/15/17 when he moved to video production / marketing. It is very important to Joe not only to meet the needs of his clients but to also go above and beyond to do what is right for the clients needs. Joe’s passion for photography began in 2001 when he had an old 35mm black and white camera then in 2003 played around with video production and started the Valerie & David show and produced 15 episodes for YouTube, there are a few left on there that you could find. As his passion grew, he started Spedale Jr. Photography LLC., in 2011 and formed his LLC in 2013. Joe’s experience in photography covers a wide variety of sectors such as fashion, family photography, individual photo shoots, and wedding photos just to name a few. He has also shared his passion for photography by holding several photo clinics, meet-ups, and was one of the members of the Panama City Photography Club. Joe’s work can be seen all throughout the internet, on local business flyers, mail outs, marketing tools, clothing lines, and was also published in L.E. Mode TV Magazine. Joe also utilized his skills working with local inventors and can be seen on KickStarter.com such as FootglovePF.com. Stopping his well known photography side of his business was very hard for Joe but he felt it was holding him back from doing what he wanted to do in the first place, make shows, movies, video production. This is where Joe should be.

 “Nothing speaks louder than Spedale Jr. Productions. What’s your message?!”


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Joe Spedale Jr. Panama City, Florida. 850-832-6093 Call or Text email Joe@SpedaleJr.com

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Spedale Jr. Productions is specializing in many things from, building websites, social media marketing, graphic designing, video editing, production, castings to logistics of local productions.
My first production in 2003
2017. What will 2018 hold?