Wedding Modeling Workshop Winners

After 175 Shares and 503 comments here are the numbers.

1. Kaitlyn Fine 159 votes
2. Chasity Deyenvyme 90 votes
3. Genea Goodine 70 votes
4. Cortney Varone 42 votes
5. Lynn Marie 37 votes
6. Tori wilder 26 votes
7. Tiffany Miller 19 votes (Joe’s Vote)
8. Meredith Madtes 14 votes
9. April Justine Murray 12 votes
10. Emily Hawkins votes 6

Special guest Model Ernestine Scott and our back up model is “Kat Webster with 40 votes”

Congrats to all who made it. Please confirm you can make it by sending Kristina a message  Your measurements from top to bottom. “I.E Height 5’7, C36 W25 H34″ and being at least 3 different color heels 3 inched or more please. Also talk with our Hair and Makeup helpers.  Tell them your thoughs and what you like.

Please read the (RULES)       Release ->(CLICK HERE)

By coming to the event you must (PRINT) and sign this release.