Customers top 5 questions asked

#1 What are your rates?
Good question! You can find all our rates at updated each year. So check back as our rates do change.

#2 Can I move my reservation dates due to rain or for whatever reason?
Yes. Just keep in mind once moved, you could lose the time slot you booked. Also, keep in mind we can only offer with the remaining time slots we have left. Sunset sessions are the first to get booked. So keep that in mind. Sessions get booked quickly so if you plan to move dates the sooner you let us know the better off you be.

#3 What happens if I want to cancel my reservation.
No problem, you’ll have a booking fee voucher that is good for one year from the time you booked your session. Also, you may transfer the booking fee to anyone; some customers even donate theirs to families in need of professional photos.

#4 What clothing should I wear?
This is another excellent question. We have pre-paired a video and section on our website just for this. Stop by

#5 How do I get my photos?
This question is one of the most important questions. Welcome to the digital era. You’ll revive a link via email/Facebook messenger after the photos have been processed.
This link will include your private gallery for free should, your package includes free downloads.

#6 Ok, so we just had to add one more! When will I get my photos back?
We are one of the fastest in the industries you’ll only need to wait 24 to 48 hours or 7 days for a wedding.

Anastasia Bastien Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

Also, the digital gallery will give you access to purchase prints directly off the site from coffee table books up to a huge canvas.
So make printing easy on yourself with our online service. It’s fast, simple, with top leading industry quality you come to expect. Photographers hold our printing service to the highest expiation, as do their printing companies. Also, enjoy great customer service. If you have a problem with the prints, you’ll get a replay within minutes, not days. So what are you waiting on? Order your prints today!

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. You may call or text us at 850-832-6093

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