By coming to the event you must (PRINT) and sign this release.

Thanks for joining us at our workshop event. Please be sure to sign in when arriving at the event. All models over 18 years of age are required to show their identification, showing that they are over 18 years of age. If you are not over 18 years of age, you must have an adult sign for you, as minors can’t be held to a modeling release/contract and will not be published. All subjects are required to sign a modeling release. The release allows all photographer at the event to use this photos for their portfolio and or marketing use. Meaning you could be seen on their website next to an add advertising their work or skills as a photographer. You then have the right to download any of those photos and use them in your modeling portfolio. You may publish them on Facebook or any social media platform. Please do not crop, edit, or change the photographer’s photo without their consent first as they hold the rights to the photo. You may also ask any of the photographers for a print release to use the photos for a publication of your own. Most photo releases allow you to paint and use any way you like. Most photo releases don’t give you the copyright to the photos. Be sure you read the releases before you sign them. If you don’t agree to the modeling/print release it’s best that you do not model for that photographer. If you have questions about any of the photographer’s releases please don’t be shy about asking them to break it down for you.  No question on a contract is a stupid question.

  • Do not stand in front of other photographers set while shooting.
  • Do not as the subject to change the post if the photographer is already working with the photographer.  Ask the photographer that started to pose to change up. This could cause major confusion for the subject not knowing who to listen to.
  • Be nice to your subjects, as some have never modeled before. Please be patient with them. If you’re lost for posing ask another photographer that’s there with you for ideas.
  • Please be helpful to your fellow model and photographer. Ask them to hold a reflector for them. Carma goes a long way.
  • Jump in with other photographers and take the same photo. Ask how they shot that and ask their settings if you want. If you don’t want to be helpful and learn from others, don’t show up. We are all learning, No one knows everything no matter how long you have been shooing or modeling.
  • Ask questions. You won’t learn much from watching.
  • Interduce yourselves to each other. We are all friends here.
  • Market yourselves. Tell the model and or photographer about yourself. Give out business information/cards/flyers & comp cards. Who do you think they will call when they have a paid gig? that’s correct! The one who gave them something.
  • TAG ALL models, photographers and or business/sponsors helping out or add their (FAN PAGE) on each photo or photoset. Please do not tag their personal accounts as some do not want to mix their personal life with their professional life. You must credit all for their work. If they do not have a fan page of some sort, then you may tag their personal account.
  • Network with all people there. This is the only way you’ll be sure to get photos from the session. It’s the models and the photographer’s responsibility to make sure they get the photos form each set.
  • Shoot and move on. Please do not walk off with a model to seclude them to yourself. This is when problems happen and people get upset. Stay with the group or within eyesight so we can keep an eye on each other. Please limit each set to 15 minutes max per photographer. Most events each photographer will have a chance to work with all models/subjects.
  • If you new to photography or modeling please see Joe so he can get you up with a mentor. If you don’t feel like shooting or modeling anymore, please help out with other photographers or models.
  • Changing clothing. If you plan on bringing a set of clothing and want to change out it’s the model’s responsibility of the model to find a private location to do so. If you change out in public, you must have a coverup or so that no one can see any party of the body that will put you in jail.