Spedale Jr. Photography is honoured to be chosen by you to document your special moments. We understand that the photographs and videos we create are not simply pictures; they are a form of memory and preservation, so we endeavour to provide the highest quality available for your money.

When choosing Spedale Jr. Photography, do not be swayed only by our competitive prices, but consider our positive referrals and the satisfaction of our previous thousand clients. We always strive to reach excellence.

Each photo and video session is not just a pleasant experience, but a beautiful reminder of those closest to you. The memories of our families and our love will endure long after we are gone, so photographs and videos are essential in preserving our legacy.

Joe, the owner of Spedale Jr. Photography, is a father of four and a highly-experienced professional. He can easily understand and relate to other fathers, so they will be comfortable during the session. He will also provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for your family and make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

If you do not use Facebook and you would like to make a reservation, please  call /send a text to


Panama City Beach, Florida.

Chipley, Florida.

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