My Nikon Real Estate Setup

I was asked by a real estate agent, “What setup could I buy for indoor condo photos” I told the agent I’d sit down and take some time to look into a few setups with Nikon equipment and send her this information. It’s a question I get asked a lot and it’s easy to just publish it for all to see. If you or someone you know is looking to do photography indoors, then this is a page you need to send them. This will save them from having to do all the research and looking for the correct setup. There is a lot to photography indoors, this is just the equipment I’d use as a photographer. I’ve been doing photography since 2001 and started my own photography business in 2011. Nikon is not the only system, but I can vouch for the quality and the fact it will take a beating too. If you care for the equipment, it will last you at least 10 years or more. Also, Nikon is very good about fixing any equipment as well. I can not speak for Canon, Sony or any other system as Nikon is the only one I’ve used. 
Here is my best bang vs cost. As of September 2018. I will give you a few ideas and basic setups to give you ideas for inside photography. Also, this is all linked to Amazon, I will find the links for you. All you have to do is order what you’d like most. If you use my links and buy them I get a small commission off the sale.
All setups will have 3 things. (Body-Flash-lens)
You should also have all camera set to “RAW” settings, to process them will need to get “Lightroom 5 or newer.” this way you can process all your photos at once. You can subscribe to Lightroom and Photoshop CC for $9.99 a month. or better yet, do like I did and buy the full thing and get more out of the program. ”” $149.95
I also teach one on one workshops to help you learn anything in photography from editing, camera setup, lighting, websites, portfolio setup, photo composition rules to posing the subjects. You name it, I can help. My workshops start at $50.00 per hour and need to be reserved at least one week out. To book your session, please email (Subject Line) “Workshop Request” (Panama City, FL)
Decently sharp photos. 20mp Camera  (Crop sensor) $1780.85
Setup one. I call it “Real Estate Photographer 1” Entry setup.
Body, Nikon D7500 DX LINK: $1146.95
Lens, Nikon 10-20mm DX LINK: $306.95
Flash, Nikon SB-700 LINK: $326.95
Sharp photos and save some money. 24MP camera (full frame sensor) $2791.90
Setup two I call it, ” Entry Pro Real Estate Photographer 2
Body, Nikon D750 FX Link: $1696.95
Lens, Nikon 20MM prime, no zoom $769.95
Flash, Nikon SB 910 LINK: $180-$225 or the SB 900 LINK: $300-$379
VERY SHARP / LARGE PHOTOS with a 36mp camera  (full frame sensor) $5290.85
Setup two I call it, ” Pro Real Estate Photographer 3”  (this is my setup of choice)
Body, Nikon D810 FX: Link $2796.95
Lens, Nikon 14-24MM 2.8 FX-ED LINK: $1896.95
Flash, Nikon SB5000 LINK: $596.95