Buy 5 of Joe’s presets for only $5.00.

Adobe Lightroom presets made by Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

See the edited photos using the presets on Fix shadows to over all look for just about any session.

#1 Cloudy,

#2 Dehaze with sharpener

#3 Night H20 with flash

#4 Shadow pull soft,

#5 Shadow pull sharp

#1 Cloudy. ( when you have a full overcast session and you need to apply a quick edit to pull out the clarity in the photos and bring them to life.

#2 Dehaze with sharpener. (When you have a photo that didn’t get the focus or you see that there is too much grane, this will fix it with nice contrast.

#3 Night H20 with flash. Use for day light flash shots or when you shoot a session an under exposede water with a flash, and you want to bring it to life, this is the preset for you.

#4 Shadow pull Soft. (So, you have a dark “under exposed” photo and when you pull the light back into it, it just doesn’t look right. This preset will give you a great foundation to start to recover that photo.

#5 Shadow pull sharp. (Just like “Shadow pull Soft” with a beautiful vivid sharpness. We will email you a zip file with all the presets ordered.

Please allow 24 hours to get the presets emailed to you.

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Joe Spedale Jr.

Joe Spedale Jr.

Photographer | Director | Producer | Location Scout

Not only do we work in the family beach photography side of photography, but we also provide professional video production also.

I’ve worked in the professional photography business starting in 2013. Back in 2000 is when I took an interest in the camera itself. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Looking back, My friends & family all appreciate all the memories I made.

When 2013 came, I wanted to provide others with my gift of photography to the world. In 2020 things have changed from the economy to my day job.

Now, in 2020 Spedale Jr. Photography is also doing video production and full photography time.

Joe Spedale Jr.

Owner / Photographer / Videographer / Producer / Director, (Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. & Spedale Jr. Productions)

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