Buy 5 of Joe’s presets for only $5.00.

Adobe Lightroom presets made by Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

See the edited photos using the presets on Fix shadows to over all look for just about any session.

#1 Cloudy,

#2 Dehaze with sharpener

#3 Night H20 with flash

#4 Shadow pull soft,

#5 Shadow pull sharp

#1 Cloudy. ( when you have a full overcast session and you need to apply a quick edit to pull out the clarity in the photos and bring them to life.

#2 Dehaze with sharpener. (When you have a photo that didn’t get the focus or you see that there is too much grane, this will fix it with nice contrast.

#3 Night H20 with flash. Use for day light flash shots or when you shoot a session an under exposede water with a flash, and you want to bring it to life, this is the preset for you.

#4 Shadow pull Soft. (So, you have a dark “under exposed” photo and when you pull the light back into it, it just doesn’t look right. This preset will give you a great foundation to start to recover that photo.

#5 Shadow pull sharp. (Just like “Shadow pull Soft” with a beautiful vivid sharpness. We will email you a zip file with all the presets ordered.

Please allow 24 hours to get the presets emailed to you.

Joe Spedale Jr.

Joe Spedale Jr.

The C.E.O. Director of photography & PPA insured (Member) & Photographer.

Hello, I'm Joe with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. My wife and I opened the doors to this business in 2013.

Since high school, you would always find a camera in my hands. From a 35mm, now with a fully digital camera on the cutting edge technology with the finest equipment & tailored professional training under my belt.

Now in 2021 we have expanded the business, adding Ric Holt and Terry Kelly as our staff photographers. With the business growing this fast Rachelle Spedale, is now our director of accounting, reservations and logistics. We have also outsourced a few booking agents as well.

With so much talent and the best equipment known to man Spedale Jr. Photography is able to offer some highest quality photos & videos from Northwest Florida has to offer.

Now with 21+ years of photography experience, we are a thriving and successful professional photography business that is ever-expanding the horizon of the industry we serve.

We are known for beach family photography to commercial photography, product photography, and photography work for various real estate companies and their agents.  Rental companies like Vacation Rentals PCB, Salty Taps, Mobile Beverage, and House of Henry Irish pub and eater, and so much more.

We also serve as a professional consultant on photography, and video productions throughout Northwest Florida for your marketing needs to help your online presence be seen.

Suppose you require a project you’d like to promote. Let Spedale Jr. Photography help you lead the way. We get it done & we get it done right the first time. Our services are wide and very extensively as follows. Consulting, photography, videography, workshops, video & photo editing, graphic design, marketing, website development & consulting in any of the following. Please let us know if we can help you. Contact us today.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 850.832.1390 or you may email us at

Owner / Photographer / Videographer / Producer / Director, (Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. & Spedale Jr. Productions)

Rachelle Spedale

Rachelle Spedale

Joe's wife / Director of accounting, reservations and logistics.

I'm Rachelle, I have a degree in business management & accounting I'm also, "Joe's wife" I run the show behind the scenes. That’s right, (“I’m the boss!”) 😊 I oversee the booking dept., logistics & payroll, just to name a few hats I wear.  I make sure you are connected to one of the talented photographers and or videographers that best suits your needs.  I also help set appointments, reminders, logistics & communication with other vendors to ensure we are in the right place at the correct times. “I’m my husband's Siri.”  As he says.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Joel Spedale

Joel Spedale

Lead Assistant, "Big Helper" & Light tech.

Hi, I'm Joel, son of Joe & Rachelle. I'm the light tech and my  mom & dad's big helper who makes sure the light stays where my dad & Ric put them. I can also hold your bag and help watch your stuff on a busy beach day so you can go home with your bag & flip-flops that you brought to the beach.  Don't forget to tip me out too, for my hard work, I'm saving up to buy something nice. I'll be your big helper too! Ask me for my business card!
Giovanni Spedale

Giovanni Spedale

Lead Assistant, "Big Helper" & Light tech.

Hi, I'm Giovanni a.k.a "G", son of Joe & Rachelle. I'm also a light tech & big helper who makes sure the light stays in place. Hand me your hats, phones, sunglasses and anything you want me to keep dry and out of the photos. I'm a very smart boy who invests my money into a gaming rig so I can learn coding and someday build my own video game. Don't forget to tip me for my services. All the tips goes to good use.
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PPA insured (Member) & Lead Staff Photographer

HI, I'm Ric Lead Staff Photographer with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.  I realized my love of Photography 30+ years ago as a Staff photographer throughout High School and College and continued to increase my skills and love for photography over the following years.  I became professionally involved with photography when I met Joe Spedale some 15 years ago.  Joe has been an incredible mentor and friend and is an amazing person. 

I am proud to be associated with Joe and Spedale Jr. Photography and I will make you and your family this promise. I will do everything possible to assure you, that I deliver  photos of you and your family that you will cherish for a lifetime.  I look forward to meeting you soon!  
Thanks, Ric
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PPA insured (Member) & Lead Staff Real Estate Photographer - product testing

Hi, I’m Terry. A professional photographer based out of Panama City, Florida. I have a sincere passion for all things photography.

Why should you use professional photographers and videographers for real estate, you ask?

The answer is simple! Studies show that having professional photos and videos on your listing can increase your odds of your house selling over market value and the odds of selling quicker.

To me, it's a no-brainer!




Coming soon....

Coming soon....

PPA insured (Member) Photographer

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