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Welcome to photo F.a.q

How to save?

Q. Is there any way you can send me a USB flash drive of the photos from the link you sent me? My download is so slow, also it’s so confusing on how to save the photos. A. Yes, just text 850-832-1390 with your last name and booking number and say, “I’d like to buy a flash drive.” We will invoice you, once paid we will UPS the flash drive to you.


If you want to print. Please use the suggested sizes “4X6, 8X12, 10X15, 12X18, 16X24, 20X30 and 24X36” as they will fit the aspect ratio we use from the camera or the will get cut/cropped off.



Please don’t forget you can (buy prints) from the photo galleries. Just click (Buy photo) or look for the shopping cart. There are all kinds of great options and now “PHOTO PACKAG DEALS”.


How to remove the big black watermark?

Just download or buy prints of your photos.

How to remove the small white watermark?

This must stay on the photos even if you plan on printing. Think of the photos getting signed off as “OUR” photos. This is why we want to keep the watermark on there. So there is no question as to who the photographer is. Sadly, we have others who take our online photos and claim them as their own. This desires most from doing that. Also, some groups on Facebook require a watermark to post your professional photos.

Welcome to the Photo F.A.Q. page. We will cover a lot on this page. From how to save your photos and to explain why your photos look the way they do.


Let’s start with (how to save the photos) the “correct way”.

  • Do not screen capture/shot the photos. Why? Because you will lose a lot of detail in the images making them non-printable. We will not guarantee your prints if you do this.


To download the photos the “correct way” there is two different ways.

#1. Saving one image at a time. Click on one photo from the set. Once the photo has opened, you will see an arrow at the bottom of the picture on the iPhone or computer it will be on the left. Click the down arrow. If you are downloading via computer, it saves 90% of the time to your “Downloads” folder.  If you use an iphone/ipad do the following

How to save your photos one by one with an iPhone.

#1 You have clicked the link that was provided from the Facebook Messaging platform.
#2 you’ll want to now open it in Safari Browser. Do this by clicking the box with an arrow pointing up located on the bottom right.
#3 Click “open in browser.”
#4 Find the photo you want to download.
#5 On the bottom left, you should see an arrow pointing down with a line under it.
#6 You now should see the file name and the word “download” press the words “download.”
#7 Now, the file downloads to your iPhone files. You’re not done yet.
#8 Now you’ll see the file name, and now in blue, you’ll see “Open in..” Click that.
#9 on the menu, press “Open in Downloads.”
#10 find the photo you’re wanting to save to your phone’s camera roll.
#11 Tap the photo.
#12 Now find the blue box with an arrow pointing up (bottom left). Press that.
#13 You now have another menu; look for “Save Image” Press that.
#14 Now that photo should be on your camera roll, and you can now save/share/message them.

Skip all this and buy a flash drive from us.We will mail it to you via UPS and you won’t have to deal with any of this.




Flat horizon, overall “SpedaleJr” look coloring, cropping, clarity of the photo, editing people out of the photo from the (water only) deleting of any Trash on the beach.

  • (Things we can’t or will not edit out)
    (Beach sand, sandcastles, seaweed, photo bombers, birds, boats, piers, piers with people on it, docks, waves, sand dunes, buildings, roofs, makeup, wet clothing, sunburns, and or tan lines) However, we will crop the photo to take out anything distracting if we can.


If you’d like any major editing done more than the “basic editing” (the photos that you just got from us), just let us know which photos you need editing. “send us the photos numbers” and what you’d like done.

Most all are happy with just the basic edit as it’s sent, and some need hair, frizzy/windy hair fixed.

Some ask for us to take out, tattoos, blemishes, tags, and stings. (Major editing) starts at $10.00 per image, depending on request. We will edit them, and once approved, we will invoice you, once it’s paid we will unlock the photo for download.

      (Sweat /water spots on clothing

      We do not edit out sweat /water spots from clothing as this is out of our control.

      Customer (RE-EDITING) online posting policy.

      Please do not re-edit the photos after they have been sent to you. If, for some reason, you do not like the edit, please understand this is why you hired us based on the photos you seen online that we have posted. We will give you the same editing as we give to all of our customers no matter what.  This is the look that we are known for, and if the others see your edit, they will think we edited your photos that way.

      Should you edit them the way you like, please note they are jpeg files and will kill the quality of the photos once “re-edited”, so when you print them, they could look even worse. If you post them online, they could lose 60% or more quality from when we uploaded them. If you ignore our warning and post them online anyways, PLEASE say you added your own twist/edit to the photos. Thanks for your understanding.


      (Raw files and copyright)

      Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. will never sell or give the rights or raw file of any content, unless we are selling you the rights. You will only get a free print release to allow you to print/use online. Without the rights to the photos, you may never use the photos/video to make any money off the photos/video without express permission from the owners of Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

      Q Can I buy the rights/raw files? A. Sure, you’ll need to send an email to the owner Joe@SpedaleJr.com Asking to buy the rights and raw files. Otherwise you’ll just get jpegs.


      When posting a review, please consider all of the following.

      PLEASE NOTE: “Photography is subjective by simply being a visual art. In other words, it is based on your perception rather than judgments from other people’s perspectives.

      A picture might be subjective based on the photographer’s view while a viewer might see at it from the objective angle (based on tone, color, etc” This being said, we know some customers will not always agree on the look we give to each photo. This being said, we will not change the look of the photos when you get them.

      The photos are photographed and edited to the best on Joe’s 22+ years of experience and professional opinion.


      If we are due rain or wind over 10mph we will not use a large softbox/flash on your session.

      • Overcast with no flash will have less color and more photo noise/grain. Skys will most likely be blown out solid white as we are exposing the photo for the subjects not the background.
      • Over-exposing is called “High Key” This is a very commercial-looking technique. We will use this from time to time. So if you don’t see a blue sky that is why.
      • Blue sky backgrounds/clouds? We DO NOT expose for a blue sky or cluds. We expose photos for the subjects/people and maybe the pier and water if the weather is correct vs the subjects. We always try to give you the best of both worlds. Blue sky, blue water and great lighting on the subjects. But all that being said, it’s so rear we get perfect weather and perfect light. If you book again, sunset in October-March is one of the BEST times to book for PERFECT looking photos. Get that booking in asap.
      • Rain or overcast will look different from a bright sunny day; we can’t help the weather look nor how they will turn out vs what you seen online because we try and show what you could have VS what mother nature can do to our photo sessions. I wish our summer was from December-March we get the BEST sessions then. NO CLOUDS no RAIN just pure dry air from the north and vacant beaches as far as the eye can see 85% of the time. It’s cold, but so worth it.
      • Sunset session could have more of a gold look due to the time of day. Some find this light very flattering, and others just don’t understand why they look like they have liver disease. Just kidding, really, your skin can appear you’ve eaten too many carrots. It’s the sun, not our editing. We can’t stand the OVERLYWARM look. lol
      • Wind, anyting over 6mph your hair sadly, if it was not up or a pound of hair spray in it, it may be all over the place. You know, we can’t control that, and you know what a bad hair day looks like add that to a bech session and you have, “Beach hair/Don’t care” look. We will try our best to only give you what makes you look best. We will only send you what we are proud to show off on our portfolio.

      What we are trying to say is don’t judge us on things we can’t control.  It’s the beach after all.

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