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Q. Is there any way you can send me a USB flash drive of the photos from the link you sent me? My download is so slow, also it’s so confusing on how to save the photos. A. Yes, just text 850-832-1390 with your last name and booking number and say, “I’d like to buy a $50.00 flash drive.” We will invoice you, once paid we will UPS the flash drive to you.


 If you need to print. Use the suggested sizes “4X6, 8X12, 10X15, 12X18, 16X24, 20X30 and 24X36”

Don’t foeget to tell us you got the photos text us at 850-832-6093 tell us what you think.

Don’t forget to review us  

PLEASE NOTE: “Photography is subjective by simply being a visual art. In other words, it is based on your perception rather than judgments from other peoples perspective. A picture might be subjective based on the photographer’s view while a viewer might see at it from the objective angle (based on tone, color, etc” This being said, we know some customers will not always agree on the look we give to each photo. This being said, we will not change the look of the photos when you get them. The photos are photographed and edited to the best of our ability with 20+ years of experience.

  • Overcast with no flash will have less color to keep the subjects from turning orange.
  • Rain or overcast will look different from a bright sunny day.
  • Sunset session could have more of a gold look due to the time of day.

What we are trying to say is don’t judge us on things we can’t control.  It’s the beach.  

How to remove the big watermark? Just download or buy prints of your photos. There is a video on how to save them to a computer on the bottom of this page.

(White faded watermark on the bottom right of photos?)This must stay on the photos even if you plan on printing. Think of the photos getting signed off as “OUR” photos. This is why we want to keep the watermark on there. So there is no question as to who the photographer is.

(Sweat /water spots on clothing for men and or women)

We do not edit out sweat /water spots from clothing as this is out of our control. Some, clothing can be edited out, some not so much. If we can edited, we will tack on a small fee if you request editing. Normally it’s $35.00 to $175.00 per photo for this type of edit.

Customer (RE-EDITING) online posting policy.
Please do not re-edit the photos after they have been sent to you. If, for some reason, you do not like the edit, please understand we have a look that we are known for, and if the others see your edit, they will think we edited your photos that way. Should you edit them the way you like, please note they are jpeg files and will kill the quality of the photos once “re-edited”, so when you print them, they could look even worse. If you post them online, they could lose 60% or more quality from when we uploaded them. If you ignore our warning and post them online anyways, PLEASE say you added your own twist/edit to the photos. Thanks for your understanding.

(Raw files and copyright)
Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. will never sell or give the rights or raw file of any content, unless we are selling you the rights. You will only get a free print release to allow you to print. 

Please don’t forget you can (buy prints) from the photo galleries. Just click (Buy photo) or look for the shopping cart. There are all kinds of great options and now “PHOTO PACKAG DEALS“.

We hope we have earned 5 out of 5 stars. Please drop a review for others to see (REVIEW PAGES HERE)

If you’d like any major editing done more than the “basic editing” (the photos that you just got from us) just let us know which photos you need editing. “send us the photos numbers” and what you’d like done to it. Most all are happy with just the basic edit as it’s sent, and some need hair, frizzy/windy hair fixed. Some ask for us to take out, tattoos, blemishes, tags, and stings. (Major editing) starts at $10.00 and some have gone all th way upto $160.00 per image, depending on request. We will edit them, once approved, we invoice you, once it’s paid we will unlock the photo for download only.

    Flat horizon, overall “SpedaleJr” look coloring, cropping, clarity of the photo, editing people out of the photo from the (water only) deleting of any Trash on the beach.
  • (Things we can’t or will not edit out)
    (Beach sand, sandcastles, seaweed,  birds, piers, docks, waves, sand dunes, building, roofs, makeup, wet clothing, sunburns, and or tan lines)

—————–Ways to help us grow———

Also, please take the time to show off your favorite photos on the “I love Panama City Group“(Link to their page); Let them know how the session went. Show them the images you love most. If you’re not a part of the group, let me know. I’ll ask the owner to approve your name so you won’t have to wait so long. When tagging us, please only use “Spedale Jr. Photography” not my personal Facebook name (Joe Spedale Jr) people message me and it goes to spam. I never see their request. Please tag/use @SpedaleJrFamilyPhotographer or “@SpedaleJrPhotography” and the hashtags #SpedaleJr ; #IlovePCB.

Thank you so much! Sharing your photos with large Panama City Beach groups like that. It is the best way to compliment your session/photographer; your words go a long way. We will be forever grateful for you and your business.

Also, if you post/share them on Facebook and tag us if you don’t mind, please make the post public so I too can share them from your post.

We just wanted to say once again, THANK YOU for the opportunity to be your photographer.

We hope to see you again soon.
Please follow my Facebook group for discounts and more.

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-Joe Spedale Jr. (Owner/Photographer)

“How to save to most Cell phones?”

How to save your photos one by one with an iPhone.

#1 You have clicked the link that was provided from the Facebook Messaging platform.
#2 you’ll want to now open it in Safari Browser. Do this by clicking the box with an arrow pointing up located on the bottom right.
#3 Click “open in browser.”
#4 Find the photo you want to download.
#5 On the bottom left, you should see an arrow pointing down with a line under it.
#6 You now should see the file name and the word “download” press the words “download.”
#7 Now, the file downloads to your iPhone files. You’re not done yet.
#8 Now you’ll see the file name, and now in blue, you’ll see “Open in..” Click that.
#9 on the menu, press “Open in Downloads.”
#10 find the photo you’re wanting to save to your phone’s camera roll.
#11 Tap the photo.
#12 Now find the blue box with an arrow pointing up (bottom left). Press that.
#13 You’ll now have another menu; look for “Save Image” Press that.
#14 Now that photo should be on your camera roll, and you can now save/share/message them.

“How to save your photos to a computer?”

Click on the video to see how to save to your computer.


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