Night photography with Spedale Jr. Photography and Sophia Perrett

Have you wanted to learn photography but have not had the time to learn? Or, maybe you want to learn but you just don’t know anyone who’s willing to teach you. Well, I’m here for you. Watch this promo video (SOUND ON and BASS UP) it’s time to go 150% into videos and teaching workshops again. Please subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of the great content that’s coming your way. If you found this video interesting, share it! #SpedaleJr

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Hello, I'm Joe Spedale Jr. with Spedale Jr. Photography. Not only do we work in the family beach photography side of photography, but we also provide professional video production also.

I've worked in the professional photography business starting in 2013. Back in 2000 is when I took an interest in the camera itself. I couldn't stop taking photos. Looking back, My friends & family all appreciate all the memories I made.

When 2013 came, I wanted to provide others with my gift of photography to the world. In 2020 things have changed from the economy to my day job.

Now, in 2020 Spedale Jr. Photography is also doing video production and full photography time.

Joe Spedale Jr.

Owner / Photographer / Videographer / Producer / Director, (Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. & Spedale Jr. Productions)

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