Questions about the session?

What happes on our session day?

Let’s go!

So, the day of your session is coming. You may be asking what to wear? How should we pre for the big day? Well, the good news is we have you covered!

Q. What will happen in our session? When you get there, you’ll look for a redshirt. The red colors signify our company from others.

We have pre-planned public locations we meet customers at. You’ll be told the meeting location by your photographer at least 24 hours before your session.

Don’t be late. The longer it takes you to show up for the session, the less time you have.

The session starts, we try to fulfill any and all request. If no requests are made, we will guide you through the session and pose you depending on the theme of the session. We will bring out your best look and personality. Don’t forget that smile!

Who is (Spedale Jr. Photography?)

We are your red shirt photographers. We make it super easy to spot us. We are a very friendly, super easy-going down to the earth group of highly skilled professional photographers trained by the one and only pro photographer Joe Spedale Jr. himself.

What to wear? We will break this down into 3 categories from family, modeling & weddings.

Modeling sessions. (Clothing/Type of modeling)

With modeling, it will vary on the theme and or style. Headshot updates will need a classy top of some sort, form-fitting and to update the comp card and or the a.k.a. “polaroid” tops/bottoms, etc. should match the theme of it’s required style. More info? Contact us. Have a look at other models and see if there is a theme you like. Build your professional modeling portfolio the way you would like to model in the modeling industry. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Wedding sessions. (locations/colors/theme)

Weddings will vary; no two weddings are the same. The best bet is to pick a 1 to 3 different themed colors. Make sure you get permission to bring a photographer to your location of choice. There are all kinds of photos to see on our portfolio for more ideas.

Family sessions clothing?

Stick with the seasons. If it’s Christmas, pick some red’s & greens. Springtime, spring colors. Summertime, summer-themed clothing. Also is you need more ideas, see our portfolio for more ideas.

If you have more questions about prepping for the big day and your questions were not here. Please contact us so we can add it here for others to see and learn from.