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We are one of the only photography workshops in Northwest florida


Are you wanting to learn what it takes to earn a great income as a photographer?
Or, maybe you just would like to learn the art of photography.

Well, with Spedale Jr. Photography’s workshops you too can enjoy financial freedom, pay your debts & be your own boss. Your dream can come true.

Take it from me, I was in your shoes working a 9 to 5 and trying to make ends meet with a passion for photography. I made it a business back in 2013 and took a leap of faith and I have NEVER looked back. I’m so glad I did because all of my dreams have come true and then some. I’m putting my skills where my mouth is and giving back to my photography friends with a workshop to help them grow. As I always say, “I’m only as good as my competition” That being said, I want you to grow, I want to step my game up. I need to push myself and others to keep growing. Join one of our photography workshops we teach everything from beginner to very advanced photography skills that take many years to learn. We can fast-track you for the 2022 season so you’ll be “up to snuff” on the latest trends and rates. You name it, we can help you. Stop by https://spedalejr.com/learn-the-art-of-photography/ to see the rates for the workshops. Models for the workshop will vary, some workshops will not need a model. Do you have what it takes to be a photographer?


(Words from past clients)

“Don’t hire Spedale Jr. Photography if you want to be rich in wealth; that will come later after you have homed your craft as Joe has.”

“Joe is not an overnight success; it took many years of trial and error to get to where he’s at now.”

“Let Joe teach you one on one, so you can rise to the top so much faster than your competition.”

“He talks to me like a person and not some dumb collage student. He puts it in words even I can understand.”

 “Joe can teach you everything you need to know, from gear selection to marketing.”

 “Take the time to pick a workshop that best suits you.” 

“No one will judge you on where you’re starting or at in photography on his workshops.” 

“We will have to start somewhere.”



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