Engagements in Panama City Beach

Surprise Engagement photographer Joe Spedale Jr. #SpedaleJr

Help me in saying congrats! The logistics that went into planning this one, to get the girls to look away, to look down the beach. She thought I was going to get a profile shot of all the girls looking down at the beach (east). I said, “when I count to 3 turn around and look at me. (there he stood waiting for her to look back. The BEST part was, she didn’t know he was even in town. She thought it was a girl’s night out photo session…. NOT! 1…2….3…..She turned and (I’m sure she thought she was dreaming) she said, “WHAT IS HAPPENING” (the look on her face) Priceless! She almost passed out! It was all staged and (we all) knew she was about to be proposed to. She was the only one who never seen it coming. All the extended family tuned in LIVE on our fan page to see it happen. Here are a few photos from the session. It went SO well! #SpedaleJr #Engagement #surprise #Shedidntseethatcoming #PCBFL #ilovePCB

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