Booking agent application

 Welcome to the booking application page. We invite all social media gurus to join us. You could make up to $540.00 in one day. If this sounds like easy money & fun to you, fill out the application below. We will be with you as soon as we process you application. Be sure your Facebook profile is open for us to review. Must be 18+ years of age or older to apply. Void were prohibited. This is not employment for Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. this is an independent contractor job. Independent contractor filing on a 1099 basis if you make more than $600.00 in one year you will be 1099ed.

How this works. Send a referral to us for booking. Be creative. Look for anyone wanting photos. Screen shot it, send it over to us. If they book the same day you’ll get paid $20.00. Plus bonuses for any others booking the (same day)  If you have a second person who books within 24 hours, you’ll get $30.00 and so on up to $100.00.

24-hour booking payments if booked on the same day.

1 = $20.00

1 = $30.00

1 = $40.00

1 = $50.00

1 = $60.00

1 = $70.00

1 = $80.00

1 = $90.00

1 = $100.00