“YBG (Young Blessed & Gifted) Photography By: #SpedaleJr Photography LLC of Panama City Florida.

“A Young Group (19, 22,& 23) Who Share The Same Home Town & Same Heritage, While Also Giving You 3 Different Stories. Coming Up In The Small River Town Of Blountstown Florida. After Graduating High School They Later Relocated To Panama City, Florida. Three Lyrically Based Individuals Giving You Not Only Their Story, But Creative Sounds, Strong Flows, & Overall Good Vibes. While Also Showing You That Just Because You Come Up In The “Streets”, Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Die In Them. Showing Listeners, Fan’s & Anyone Else Tuned Into Our Music That Anything Is Possible. Showing Listener’s The Difference Between a Dream & a Goal.

Dream’s Come To Sleepers & Goals Come To Those Who Plan, Build, & Jugg Strategically.

An Upcoming Independent Group Striving For Greatness, Building a Empire That Will Always Remain!”



Tel.: (850) 688 – 2606
Tel.: (850) 381 – 6710
Email: YBGMusic23@Gmail.Com