What is Models Of Spedale Jr?

Q. What is, “Models Of Spedale Jr”

A. It’s a social modeling group for my clients and or Facebook friends. I work for them as they chose to be a part of the modeling group and have me as their photographer.


They are more than welcome to work with anyone they want. It’s like “hey I’m a part of a group” How cool is it to be a part of the friends who do the same thing as you.

Why wouldn’t you want to be in the COOL people crowd?

Beautiful latina promotional model Ashley Lozada From Panama City Florida

I own my photography business and if you model for me, I can ask if you want to join a group of 44 models also that like to model and want to learn more about modeling.

Any clients who need models can ask me, I pick from my social modeling group, “Models Of Spedale Jr” before I ask anyone else.


The appearance of being under contract is to whoever wants to think that.

The models know they are not under contract at all. They know they can work under anyone they want. They know they don’t need me or to be a part of any group. They choose to be a part of the group. They get access to my ideas for my portfolio and what I want to target with my clients. They are also my helpers in shoots as well as my friends. If you all can’t understand why I made a modeling group, I’m sorry, you can’t seem to work up the courage to ask them to shoot with you. They don’t bite. They are good people too.