Welcome to Spring

Model: Tristen Paige – Photographer: Joe Spedale Jr.

                 Spring time is here, so bring out the spring time clothing and join us at the “Spring Fashion” event / workshop. The date is still pending on this. Tickets are $16.95 each. This covers food, drinks, one on one time to learn a few tips & tricks with photography. Models / subjects get at least 5 photos from Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. while learning posing ect.  Also your photos will be published online in the #SpedaleJr portfolio & any other photographers portfolio.  (CLICK HERE) for the spring event.

 If you’ve missed the past three events just use the search tool on the right side and type “spring”

Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0584 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0591 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0597 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0599 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0601 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0635 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0641 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0643 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0646 Model Tristen Paige_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-0649