Week 3 Spring Break 2014

Well here we are week 3 of Week 3 Spring Break 2014 in Panama City Beach Florida. This has been a cold rainy week and this is the first day that the sun has cam out. I’ve never see as much trash in one place before. JSpedale_Jr_Photography_SPRING_BREAK_2014_Panama_City_Beach_Florida-3630The problem is that the area with people gathering didn’t have trash cans and the kids were lazy or just didn’t want to walk .25 of a mile to the trash cans. Oh well it will get picked up when they are all gone (i hope). Well enjoy the photos. More to come. Keep it locked here and sign up do you;ll get an email as the new stuff comes out. Also if you want to see the more ADULT side of Spring Break then join the Google+ group. “Spring Break Panama City Beach” More Drunks and skin there.