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(PRINT) and bring release. <-Coming soon

Any costume, is welcome, (IF) you can be seen in public…


ATTN: #PCPC Photographers, models, anyone with a costume. New date is 3-2-2014
This is for next month, I’m not sure who likes getting into a costume and getting some cool looking photos, but this is for the PCPC club as our monthly photography meeting. This is just like a workshop where you’ll get to ask questions if you’d like. We are all here to help one another. We don’t have many model slots open because this is a hard theme to shoot due to the colors and lighting. We may not have much time to shoot this session because of the amount of time staging needed.

This is open to any Panama City Photography Club member or any model who picks their costume and post first.

                         2:00 pm downtown, at McKenzie Park.

To get your photos, join Google+ with any gMail account.
Send an email to Joe@SpedaleJr.com with your (GMAIL) address to get your photos after the event. Please allow 30 days as we have 20+ photographers.