The “Sassy oval arms pose”

Meet the “Sassy oval arms pose” On this modeling pose from Spedale Jr. Let’s go over the whole thing from the photography side to the modeling side of it.

Modeling posing guide 2016 #2

    • #1. This is the oval side, see how it looks almost like a stop sign? Make sure both arms are even with the bend, if you try this in the mirror, make the oval first. Then, tilt the arms to the left, close to the head. (Reasons to use this pose is to slim the upper half of the body thus showing off the clothing without the arms getting in the way.
    • #2 note the slight bend of the right left leg. She’s bending and pointing the toes whole the heels help pop the calf muscle. So think of dragging the foot, or taking a step.
    • #3 see the triangle? Remember in pose #1 the “The standing triangle(s) poseTriangles are good!
    • #4 both feet are turned to the right on this pose, this helps so you can pop the right hip out more. Try it. Can you see the angle of the body?
    • #5 Upper half angle gives the total sass of the sassy in the name. Almost a diva stance. This one show elegance with attitude.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook.

  • Photographers 
  • Camera Nikon D750Lens Nikon 50mm 1.4 g          Settings are manual ISO 10050mm f-stop F11 – shutter 1/180s – Remote flashed with Nikon channel 3 for both lights +2 for the back light and -1 for the front light.
  • #Lighting this is a two light setup. Nikon SB-900 and 910. Don’t forget the catchlight in both eyes in the 2 or 10, o’clock position. Use a decent soft box about 6.5 feet to the left side of the model. I use the, Neewer 24″x24″/60cmx60cm this will help to meet the lighting of the back light seen in frame, to the back left side of the model. This gives “rim” lighting to show an edge of the models body to separate the subject from the background (if needed). If you like lends flare like I do then this is a great lighting setup for you also. to take away the flare, just move the light out and put a snoot on it if need be. Perhaps a nice soft box with a grid to direct the light better. This photos was a keeper (only) with a little photoshop & a 16X9 crop a.k.a 1080 X 1920 for a portfolio use only. Printing wouldn’t be good at 16X9. That will not get you an 8X10 or a 5X7 print.
  • BTW I didn’t use a snoot, softbox or grid on the back light on this photo.
Sassy oval arms pose # 2 of 2016
Sassy oval arms pose # 2 of 2016

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