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Posted By Spedale Jr on Nov 24, 2014 |

The fans are opening up about my work via fan messages on this page. I wanted all of you to know, I’m extremely humbled, I’m always learning and striving to bring new elements to photography in the hopes of inspiring others to do their best in anything they do. Inspiration and love for my family, is why I try so hard. My goal is to work my way out of little old Panama City, Florida.
Because of my fans of photography & videography I’m who I am today. You guys are inspiring your self! I follow some of the top photographers in the world. Funny you guys follow me. That blows my mind. I never thought of myself as an inspiration to anyone other then my kids. You guys give me a reason, a purpose, now I think it’s time to step my game up to help others have the opportunities I’ve had. Please share anything you’ve seen that inspires you. Tell your friends, why it inspires you. Remember this, inspiration is contagious, just like a smile.


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