Terry Kelly

Posted By Spedale Jr on Jan 1, 2014 |

Terry Kelly

Terry Kelly was a firefighter for 28 years. After retiring form the fire department he decided to make his lifelong part time love of photography into a full time hobby. At a young age he was inspired by his uncle, Danny Wickmandy who had a black and white darkroom. He started at age 15 with a Bell and Howell 35 mm film camera. He minored in photography in college. He won an award from Kodak in the 1980’s working in his own darkroom that he built in his house. He now enjoys working with digital photography and all the exciting advancements. He is looking forward to sharing his work with the public.

Here is one of his portfolio photos from last Sunday. Great work.

Terry Kelly

What a nice guy, so fun to work with while on a shoot. Great helper when it come to people wanting to learn their cameras. Also don’t forget to check out some of his HDR stuff too. -Joe

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