Spring Break 2016 update

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       Well with the new drinking law in place, things have made a change with a big impact on the economy and the locals. Some locals (the ones who don’t need the kids here, seem to be happy) others who depend on the students to bring the income, have become sad panda screaming out on social networks. I spoke to a few kids and they told me they will get drunk at the hotels and (DRIVE) to the beach……. (NOT COOL)

Do you love Spring Break now? I for myself love Spring Break, I like the good kids who are here to have fun and not break the law. I get to bring you all the funny photos and document the time of the year.

Normally I start shooting on March 1st, now I’m pushed back by a week now. Planning on bringing you updated photos today the 9th of 2016.  I’m not sure of the numbers but I’d guess we will drop 40% from last year, but we will see. Photos don’t lie.

I’d like to post you all some photos from the past years with the dates attached to the photos, this way you too can see we are missing some kids….


I think we are missing some kids.
I think we are missing some kids. This photo was shot March 1st 2014. Lets see what 2016 looks like. (Coming soon!)

What are others saying about Spring Break in Panama City Beach for 2016?

SB2K16-Spedale Jr_ Photography_LLC-0481
This photo was taken on March 2nd 2016… Unhhhh NO drinking on the beach did this? Holy cow!

(keep checking back for today’s photos)

#SB2K16 #PCBSB2K16 #SpringBreak2016 #WhereAreTheKids #noDrinkingOnTheBeach #SpedaleJr.