Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. endorses Footglove

It’s not every day that I take to my blog over a product. Today is one of those days that I felt the need to pass a message to my friends, fans & family as I call them my 3 “f’s” I know it’s strange to see a photographer talking about a sock. This isn’t just any sock. But don’t take my word for it.  You’ll have to try them out to see just how amazing of a product it is. I’ve seen the company from the very beginning starting out looking for a photographer for their marketing needs. One of my college classmates introduced Uganda owner & CEO of #FootgLOVE and I. Well, 3 shoots later, here we are this week finishing up the graphic designing for their all new packaging box for the top secret new look & design.  It’s amazing to see a company like this in little old Panama City.  Now, about 2 weeks before I stated building the new graphics I bought a set of socks for my wife and myself. Lucky for me I got a set of prototype socks and I’m lost for words, but I’ll try my best to describe them, I’m not much of a product reviewer or reader of anything less than $100.00 and so. Well this should be $100.00 a set but they are surprisingly not. “I know right” Well after putting them on and shoot, standing, walking, sitting even sleeping I can’t seem to take them off, it’s only when I put my flip flops or crocks on, I take them off.  I love at night putting them on just to walk around the house.  As I type on this computer I have them on now. I’m happy that my feet don’t hurt and my feet won’t get cold anymore.  I’d share the photo of the prototype socks but I can’t, not yet. Soon I’ll be casting models for their new marketing campaign. So, keep an eye out for that. Until then, look at this interview from New Channel 7. See their website or stop by there and say hello. #SpedaleJr #FootGlove