Scooter Squad Shutdown


  Story by: Megghan McDougall

 #ScooterSquadShutdown – #ScooterSquad

“Good evening sir it’s t-“VVVVVVVRRRRRPPPMMM”

Good evening sir it’s going-”BEEEEEEEP” “MEEEPahhh”

Scooter squad shutdown! #ScooterSquad
Passing around cars full speed while cutting off others and almost hitting the people walking on the side of the road.

Ok that’ll be $23.09 tonight, I’m sorry if the ‘scooter party’ in the street calms down, I might be able to

tell you how much this pizza is before it gets cold.” – Personal experience

The above scenario, is one I am too familiar with, when I am attempting to safely deliver hot food to the

people of Panama City Beach, Florida. I love my job and I love where I live. The scooters making an

obnoxious amount of noise, might be a thorn in my side but isn’t the actual core of the problem. Some

people may defend scooters by saying they are a fun attraction to have and it’s a good way to bring in

tourist revenue.

Is this the type of thing you want to be known for needing revenue from? You do not have to have a

motorcycle license to rent a scooter. From what I know living and working directly around several

scooter companies, the training sessions are not very long if they bother to have one at all. They hand

out sheets of lengthy scooter rules, things like “Don’t go on back beach road” but most of it get littered

on the ground. When tourists go out and about and drive around its difficult to GPS on a scooter. I don’t

think people make the connection that’s where they are. This is setting them up for dangerous scenarios

as well as those of us using back beach road in vehicles.



This kid was so drunk! So it seemed,  he was cutting off this gray car after passing us, to fly full speed into Hooters parking lot, then almost hit two girls walking on the left side of the road.
This kid was so drunk! So it seemed, he was cutting off this gray car after passing us, to fly full speed into Hooters parking lot, then almost hit two girls walking on the left side of the road.

The scooters and scoot coupe’s can be fun and entertaining but that’s what they are, entertaining. A

ride for entertainment purposes shouldn’t be held in the public roadway. It causes way to much room

for dangerous errors, by inexperienced and often intoxicated scooter drivers. Other well intending

tourists and locals are using the road for the purpose it’s designed for. It traffic anxiety at an all-time

high for anyone, when you are attempting to leisurely enjoy a drive down front beach road at sunset

and 9 scooters come zipping around the vehicle you are attempted to operate legally. It’s not only a

nuisance but a dangerous nuisance.

Drinking and driving!
Drinking and driving!

The ‘scooter party’ doesn’t feel like they aren’t going to get caught, and often times they don’t. How do

you even pull over 9 scooters at once? The local Authorities have enough on their plate with the many

other things going on during spring break and the rest of the year. Having to combat the scooters is just

out of hand and a waste of our first responder’s talent and time.

Between minor traffic violations to major scooter wrecks, where cars hit scooters and people go up

underneath the cars. Accidents where scooter victims spend the next several weeks in intensive care.

The bad just clearly outweighs the good. I wish things were different because the last thing I like to do is

tell the party to stop. But the scooter party is out of control.

Take into account some of these vivid pictures here by Joe Spedale Jr. and ask yourself if this is the

environment you desire to be around. I wasn’t with Joe when he took these photographs, yet every

image was familiar to me because it’s what on our streets on a daily basis. These people are clearly

doing many things I doubt they would have been doing if they felt there was some repercussions


Two local friends of mine have recently had their cars dented because of minor scooter collisions. This is

a nuisance because now we have to go through the lengthy insurance process to get things fixed.
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Is this the kind of business we want here? I don’t think anyone wants to be the person that has to make

the call to a family of a scooter victim. When we have an incident such as earlier last month when two

scooters collided with two vehicles. Someone had to make the phone call to the families of Larry

Reynolds and Jonathan Sharp, both of Mississippi. Regardless of who is at fault in these scenarios, it’s

setting us up for disaster unless we take action against scooters now before more damage is done. From

where I’m standing it most certainly would make pizza delivering easier for me. I’m a local behind

Commissioner Mike Thomas, and I think the Scooter Party needs to STOP.