Reminder about tomorrow’s fitness even

Friendly reminder, for tomorrow’s photo session.
Everybody in our photography club is welcome to come out and be photographed (or) photograph the subjects.
This is a learning activity for the entire club.
Lend a helping hand learn from others, enjoy your time, be social, come out and play.
The fun starts at 4 PM. Just look for Rachelle S my wife, she may be the one with a clipboard, if you plan on being in front of the camera, be sure to fill out the model release when you get there.
Rachelle or Ashely will give you directions on what to do when you get there. Feel free to use this as a marketing event.
Be sure to give your contact information to your subjects so they can get a digital copies.

Any questions please feel free to ask. Oh and don’t forget to bring an umbrella and or tent with your favorite beverages to stay hydrated.

Click here for a Google map clickable location, just click on the address( )