Piss off Panama City?

I think not!!! Who is this punk? Piss on my home town? I DON’T think so! I’ll be looking for any crime and publishing it for the world to see. I hope you’ll all learn from this punk. My kids where in the car when he did this!

                          YOU SICK LITTLE S***! I hope you go to jail for this nasty ass crap you did!

I’m sending this to all local Law enforcement! Please help by (re posting with the share buttons at the bottom) let’s find this kid and bring him to justice.

Let’s make an example out of him. No one pisses of Panama City Beach and get’s away with it.


Date 3-17-2015 and time was about 6:51pm. Location was front beach road west bound from Emerald Beach Resort. They were seen driving a red Dodge Ram 4X4

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