Photo of the day #543

1020-Ashley Lozada red dress-beach -_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC_Panama_City_Florida-100-85655062-6

                      Now, I know you too want to look just like this. Trust me when I say that. Even (if) you never thought of modeling, you’ll be so happy you took the time to give this a try. it’s so hard to believe this can happen a small town like Panama City, but it’s going on now, while you read this. So do yourself a favor and just consider at least one session with Joe. I know with one little 30 minute mini session you’ll want more.

Trust, invest and show off your god given beauty to the world. No matter what you look like! You owe it to yourself to spend some money on yourself every once and awhile.                                                                                              (Joe’s modeling rates)

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