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Welcome to the Panama City Photography Club (PCPC) member recognition page. The members have taken time from their life to help out in many ways words can’t describe.

Panama City Photography Club




Happy NEW year! 2014 is all about the #PCPC Panama City Photography Club members & what it stands for.

It’s time to get some names into the public eye as who deserve to be recognized for not only their work, but the kind of person they are for not only being so helpful but what they have done for the club and it’s members.

Names I post here will be added to my web site in it’s own section for a full year. If your name is here, please email ( Joe @ ) your bio, no less then 50 words and no more then 200.

Also only (one) photo of your last session. You have one week, to get the photos and bios emailed. Names have no order. Linda Dietz, Terry Kelly, Jeff Pitts, Chris Calohan, Rich Turner, Glen Thaxton, Melissa Jane, Joseph Mandeville, Jonnie Nye, Steve Bauer, If your name wasn’t called, don’t feel we don’t feel discouraged, we looked at all of our 683 members as to who to publish. Next month you never know, maybe it will be you.

Updates are on the way.

Jeff PittsChris CalohanTerry Kelly, Joseph Mandeville and waiting on bios from the others.


Click the name for more info on a great photographer.

Spedale Jr PCPC Club

For more information on the photography club please call Joe at (850)8threetwo-sixzero93 or email him if you have any questions.