Paul Walker still alive?

Paul Walker “Murdered by the Illuminati” According to Countless Conspiracy Theorists


I’ve been searching the web to fit the puzzles together as to his death. I’m not sure how exactly happened that’s what creates so much disbelief as to his actual death. It’s like one of those see it to believe it typed deals. Just before Thanksgiving I lost my father as his heart stopped beating any tickets last breath with a smile on his face, in front of my sisters and I. It’s a good thing my dad was mechanic, Paul Walker will need a good one in heaven. Mostly for monitoring purposes. As we know Paul Walker’s car will be perfect as seeing it’s in heaven. With Paul Walkers death, all we have is the media’s stories. How do we know for sure it was actually him? I’ve came across some conspiracy videos as to his, “faked death” and possible murder; do to family guy!? Take a look for yourself.


Paul Walker if you’re dead, rest in peace, and let my dad work on your car!