My sons says goodbye to his laptop that best buy won’t fix even with an accidental damage warranty

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5-24-2014 6:00pm (UPDATE) I was just called and told that they will be fixing the laptop. Thanks for the support from my fans.

(update) seems as if I got the attention from Best Buy via twitter. (email as requested sent to best buy. Full info


“Tasha and or to whom it may concern.

  My name is Joe Spedale Jr, I’m a business owner with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC here in Panama City Florida.  

              As a kid seeing best buy on tv before there was one built here in Panama city, I truly admired the whole idea of Best Buy. The very day our Best Buy was completed, I was on the doorstep eager to get in the doors. Knowing that a Best Buy was built here and starting a photography business I knew we could work hand-in-hand. From 2010 until last week I’ve been an extremely dedicated shopper at Best Buy for every single business product. As I’m sure you can see I’m an elite member with the reward zone points I spend roughly $3500 a year at Best Buy exclusively. Last year I took the time and effort to buy my two boys a laptops. Having purchased equipment in the past knowing about the accidental damage warranties, I wasn’t assured that purchasing laptops regardless of the cost with the Accidental damage warranty that they could be replaced with no problems as I’ve had to have other equipment replaced prior. So I rested assure and purchased the accidental damage warranties with the laptops. Well, I got home Friday night from a long day and my oldest son said, “daddy, will you fix my laptop?” He shows me the laptop opens it, and the screen is cracked. I asked how this happen, he states, “Joel, closed it with the mouse in it” kids seem to not know better and I wasn’t even upset at all, because I expected my kids to eventually break them. That’s the whole reason I purchased a accidental damage warranty. That night after dinner I took it to best buy to have it replaced, fixed or get a gift card to buy a new one. When I got there I was asked if I had the receipt, knowing that I didn’t have it I asked the associate if she could look it up. She did, she asked for another employee to come over and help her find this laptop on the past transactions. After standing there for 15 minutes and two employees later I see her go to the back an grab a lady wearing all black, I’m still not understanding why this is taking so long, I asked what the problems is, the lady in all black says we can’t find it. At that moment I was at a loss, this has never happen before. I always have had smooth transaction with all the employees until now. I told her, can I get a gift card so I can buy my son another school laptop. She said “no, we have to ship it off, and I doubt it will be fixed, we don’t even sell this laptop, it’s nowhere in our inventory.” At this moment I was extremely dumbfounded at her comments that she just said.
Not only did I feel like she was calling me a liar, but I felt as if she was calling me a thief or somebody trying to get something fixed under a fraudulent warranty issue. The first associate asked me, “did you return the item?” I said if I return the item, wooden I’ve had to of left the product here” she said no wait I meant did you exchange? I said no I’m just trying to get my sons laptop fixed. After going round and round with the same questions in the same answers he finally says after rolling her eyes with a deep breath i’ll just send it off I doubt will fix it will try to get a fix under the accidental warranty plan. I’m sorry that this was 10 minutes till closing she had no right to act that way. The associate Steve was extremely helpful in getting with the getting with geek squad manager and he store manager to have this fixed. What I think may have happened after paying for the laptops first, I think I was handed two laptops I did not pay for from the associate. I told Steve they can roll the camera back and show that I did purchase laptops from Best Buy. Also that I purchased Internet security and two laptops on that date I even went as far as to show screenshots of registering two laptops with dell that night after purchasing.  After all this trouble that I went through to get one laptop fixed with its warranty I refuse to take the time and effort I put in to get the second one fixed. I do a lot of business with Best Buy I used to a love Best Buy in the quick efficient ways of doing business with them. I was a huge cheerleader for Best Buy. I told all my photography friends of the Panama City photography club of 1100+ members to purchase at Best Buy and use Steve as your associate. He is a great cameraman as well as the other club members. I even told them that they need to purchase an accidental damage warranties to cover very expensive camera equipment. But after jumping through hoops and having to post to social media I think my business and everybody else’s should possibly start shopping elsewhere because we’re handed equipment that we did not pay for and cannot get fixed or replaced if something happens to it. it’s not our responsibility to make sure we purchased the correct items. I just hope other people become aware that they need to check the receipt to make sure the item matches the numbers on the paper.

P.s. I told the associate to run the serial number on the laptop to see that I purchased it she said, “oh we don’t track serial numbers.”

I’m a very honest guy. I have no reason to do this to cause any harm to best buy. I want the would to understand if they want something fixed, they need to make sure it’s what that paid for. I just hope I can get my money back  or two replacements. I will gladly purchase another accidental damage warranty for the new laptops and remove the social media frenzy in return. Thanks for your time.

Joe Spedale jr “


Beyond frustrating, my son breaks his laptop, it had a accidental damage warranty. We brought it to Best Buy last year and they claim that that’s not even the laptop they sold us. Then they went as far as to say that they don’t even sell that laptop. WHAT?!?! I told her, run the serial number they said,”oh we don’t tracks your numbers.” Now, tell me how is that my problem? She then stated, “I will send it off with this repair number but I doubt will fix it.” I said, “well just give me a gift card back I’ll go grab another laptop” she said, “no.” They want to send this off for repair. Then one associate asked me if I returned the laptop I said’ “wouldn’t best buy have to taken the product? she said, “no wait I mean did you exchange the laptop?” I said, “No, I did not. I don’t know how else to prove that I purchased the laptops from best buy.” They claim the model number does not match the receipt. March of last year I purchased two Inspiron 3520 from Best Buy with Kaspersky when your protection for two years. How is it possible to sell me two laptops any associate give two wrong laptops? Is this something I should call the corporate office over? Write a letter?
Has this happened to you before? I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do. I get a video of my son crying as I was taking the laptop away. I think I’m will have to blast social media of the situation. Be sure to look at your receipts after you purchase a product. It wasn’t a business laptop nor does it have client content, it’s the fact of the matter. It’s my son’s laptop purchased for him. Yes it was lesson $300. Still it’s the fact of the matter, that I purchased an accidental damage warranty and may not be reimbursed or repaired. #bestbuy #Customersupport #Frustration #Dell #Inspiron3520 #help #sosimage

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