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Before you consider modeling as a job, take some time to find the genre of modeling you’d like to be considered for. Modeling can be one of the hardest careers to get into. One requirement I’ve seen is height, starting height starts at 5 foot 8 inches. Just because you’re not that tall, doesn’t mean you can’t model. It just means you’ll be limited in what you can be casted for.

I gets asked, “Hey Joe, I seen my friends photos. How can I be a model?” almost every day. This is why I’m putting this page together. There are a lot of misconceptions as to what a model is. Models can be many things. Aspiring models are the majority of my clients 90% of them have never had a professional photo shoot. Please don’t mistake “Spedale Jr. Photography LLC” as a business that hires / pays clients to model for the camera. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC is solely here as a photography company. I/we will not send off your photos to any agencies voluntary. I/we will not look/scout for modeling gigs for you. This a job for your agency.  Please do not mistake any social media groups as nothing more than a forum for sharing information, talking and  or showing off your portfolio photos. Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. Is not a modeling / talent agencies in any way shape or form.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you the answer your question on becoming a model. Well with all great things we have to start somewhere. For some it will be easy, others will have to try harder. As I stated before, modeling can be one of the hardest careers to get into. Starting with a test / mini photoshoot would give you an idea, if you would event want to do modeling in the first place. This isn’t a job for camera shy type of person. If you get nervous on your first session, it’s totally normal. Some will have an anxiety of some sort on the first few sessions. I’ve done this a long time, I know how to work with the shy clients who have never worked with a photographer before. I make it fun, (DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT) After the first few shoots I can tell if the client have what it takes to be model.


Remember, it’s one thing to look the part, but you also have to be the part too. If you look like a model, that’s one thing, if you’re posting on social media things you wouldn’t want your family to see, chances are, modeling agencies don’t want to see them ether. Yes, there are a lot of agencies out there that may not care about you other than the look of you. I’d say 70% of them only represent/hire good people who will not only represent their business in the up most professional manner like “Ms America” but will also want to make sure you’re beautiful on the inside and out.  With this said, I will not shoot for Aspiring models who I feel can’t be the ideal modeling client. I don’t want a bad name because I’m associated with the wrong clients. If you’re reading this and you feel you’ve got what it takes to be a model, I’d be happy to start a professional modeling portfolio for you. You’ll need not only, “edited sessions” to send off to your agencies, but you’ll need what is called, digital updates a.k.a. polaroids – portfolio photos. Most agencies will do this for you once you’ve been selected to join them. Be prepared when you go, let’s shoot them before you go to their open casings with a comp card and a portfolio that will knock their socks off and remember you over any competition that also walk through the same door you did.

Having the best portfolio will not always land you the modeling jobs or the best agencies, but it sure will help. Don’t send off to an agency or go unprepared. You’ll not even make it through the interview part if you don’t know what you’re doing. Think of portfolio photo shoots as a workshop to learn not only your best looks but great practice for the paid sessions to possibility come. I will not guarantee anyone they will make it past the portfolio sessions as a paid model or land a job with any agencies ect.

Some of my clients find getting modeling portfolio sessions not only cost effective to them but also a big boost in self-confidence, they find they are worth something in life, they feel beautiful for the first time. People start to look up to them for advice on makeup, clothing ect. Their friends see a change in how they walk with their heads up. Social media postings become positive. “Life is good” If the clients don’t make it to paid modeling jobs, at lease it’s money well spent. They could get social media famous while they wait for their time to come.

It’s funny to see (clients friends) come around, who would have never spoke them before or in a very long time, saying, “We should hang out!” My clients have said before, “It’s funny none of them wanted to be a “friend” until they seen our photos. I think I must of got better photo then they got from another photographer or something, they see my self-confidence I have now.” Why is it when your friend gets a little lime light, they come around wanting to be your buddy and all? Chances are, they want to be like you. Believe it or not. This make you a role model. This is why you must be a good person to show everyone you are a great person and you are more than just a pretty face.

So for those friends who want to be just like you, I have the solution, client referral program. Send all your friends to shoot a session with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. Be sure to tell them who sent them, If it’s a new client, you’ll receive a (1) free mini session as a thanks for each new client you send me.  To start your photo session, shoot me a message on Facebook. Or shoot me an email fell free to call or text 8-5-zero-8(3)”2” SiX-ZEr0-Nine(3)

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