Let’s take our relationship to the next level!!980345_10152322504924004_9069161022352466130_o

          Find my location via the many social networks. Stop me in public and get a free mini session. “OH YES I DID!”  All you have to do; is say, “Hey Joe, I seen your add on your web page, about the free mini.”

             It’s that easy! I’m giving away only 10 mini sessions to those people that stop me in public. This offer is good for anyone, and one per person. Don’t be shy! Even if I’m at the mall with the family. Also no, you can’t get a mini session by knocking on my door or following me home.

           Keep track of my locations as I’ll be out and about a lot this summer. Follow/find me on (Facebook) (Google+)  (Twitter)  (Pinterest)  (YouTube) (500px) (Vine)

                I hope you like my work as much as I like your business. It’s time to be social with one another! I’m not your average photographer, come see why.

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