I’m uniquely beautiful

When I was 9 months young I suffered from an accident that changed my whole life. One day in July back in 1990 my parents were sitting down drinking coffee after my dad had just finished putting up my crib. My parents went to my room to check on me where they found me to appear to be having trouble breathing. My parents rushed me to the E.R. where they were told not to worry that it was just an ear infection. The screw was lodged in my esophagus for 5 days. By the time I finally received medical attention the screw had already begun to cause damage. Complications arose which caused me to have to get multiple surgeries, which is where I get all my pretty scars from. One of the scars I carry is my voice. During one of the surgeries my vocal chords were accidentally tapped which caused them to become completely paralyzed.
On my third birthday my dad’s boss brought clowns to my party as a gift not knowing I had a fear of them. My mom told me that as the clowns approached me I began to make crying noises for the very first time in three years. I can imagine it was a bitter sweet moment for my parents and family. Twenty six years later I am an aspiring model and beyond grateful to be alive and healthy. I began modeling when I was about 21 years old thanks to a great person named Eva who just so happened to see something in me. She got me in contact with a sweet upcoming photographer named Kassidy. Kassidy and Eva gave me the motivation to get into modeling, but at the time I was in a very unhealthy relationship where my modeling was not accepted by my significant other so I wasn’t able to shoot as often as I wanted. About four years went by and a few photo shoots later I got out of the relationship and was finally able to really expand my modeling. Along the way my scars were normally photo shopped by the photographers I worked with. I was asked a few times if I’d like my scars to be removed and other times I wouldn’t get asked. At first I agreed on photo shopping them because I felt I wanted that “flawless front cover of a magazine model look”. As time has gone by I’ve learned to love my scars and accept them. I’ve also learned to LOVE MYSELF. I’m not perfect.
I’m uniquely beautiful just as everyone on this planet is. What may seem appealing to one person may not be to the next and that’s ok. I’ve always liked to go against the crowd I guess you can say. In the last year or so the makeup industry and society has wrapped woman up into thinking flawless is beautiful. Some woman do it as an art, which I respect. What I don’t respect is that many woman are torn apart trying to fit in to this mold or standard that society has created. I feel in my heart that I was given a second chance for a meaningful reason. I hope to be able to reach out to woman thru my modeling by showing that it’s beautiful to embrace our flaws. I recently began to request that photographers leave my surgical scars untouched and it’s honestly been a freeing feeling. I hope to be able to spread the love of woman empowerment in a healthy more natural way. I hope to be able to break beauty standard barriers. I’m a 4’9 model with scars from neck down and with a whole lot of courage that I’ve grown over the years. I no longer want to hide my scars. I want to embrace them.

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