Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints by: Spedale Jr. Photography LLC  – Topic, (Reflectors) with harsh lighting.

Debbie Rose-_Spedale_Jr_Photography_LLC-5020I’ve seen bad lighting by other photographers, I’m not perfect at lighting myself. Here is what you missed if you didn’t make this workshop. For those who can’t afford Speed Lights, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for, to help with those pesky harsh shadows. There is many ways about getting around the “not so flattering look” this is just one. We were working on where to place the reflectors at this time of this photo. We had 3 reflectors going and opened up. One was for the defuser, to take away from the total light, casting on the subject. The second one was (silver) for a rembrandt lighting effect. This not only is used for a fill, but also a great way to separate the subject from the background, if you’re not using a fast lens. e.g. f 2.8 or a prime lens. The 3rd reflector was (gold) for the nice skin tone/glow to make it look later in the day, the AFTERNOON look. With all this, you would think it’s about 4:00pm in the photos. Well, it was 10:00am believe it or not. Yes, you’ll need stands or lots of help. Here is a “how to” set of photos and the look I was going after in a few. No Photoshop was done, enjoy!             Shoot your questions to