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(Rule 1.) Print Release. (CLICK HERE) for download. (must sign to get photos back)

We must stick the a theme per the event.

Panama City Photography & Modeling Club est. 2014 and or Spedale Jr Photography LLC is not responsible or liable for any problems that may arise while in any location of the shoots including the on location site. You come as to your own will and understand only you are liable for yourself and can not hold any photographer/club and or the event location liable in any case. Please also note that we will have many photographers show up to the location(s) and you will be photographed, please be aware your photos are going to be used on the portfolio bases of any photographers discretion.

Models will get a minimum photo requirement is one photo by (one) or any photographer free of cost as payment for a portfolio session.  Photos may be published on http://SpedaleJr.com – http://ModelMayham.com –  http://500px.com  – http://facebook.com and or any site deemed as portfolio / marketing worthy or by the photographer(s).


Only the photographer will own the rights to the photos and may be released to the models if the photographer allows this. Models do (not) cropped, changed or edited after the photographers post edit. All watermarks on the photos must not be cropped, cut or edited out of any of the photos when posted and or printed. Print release are not required to be given to the models. Models must request this from the photographers. Photographer(s) reserve the right to withdraw or hold the (print release) as it’s their photos. All photos that are to be given to any models must be given with in 90 days of shoot. Failure to follow any of the above rules will ban/vanish you from any future  events.

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