Don’t forget your Portable Charging Station for your Spark

This is by far the  coolest charger out there. DO NOT be fooled by amazon knock offs, you don’t want a house fire. Get this one, high quality and from DJI.

(CLICK HERE) to buy.  Oh and PLEASE tell me you got your insurance on the Spark. Sure it’s only $499 but, you’ll kick your own but if you don’t buy this. Insurance is only $59.00. (CLICK HERE) to buy this.

#SpedaleJr Approved!

  • High-capacity mobile charging station that’s great for traveling.
  • Charges up to three batteries for up to 48 minutes of flight time.
  • USB port provides power to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Adjusts charging current automatically according to temperature.
  • Convenient for storing the aircraft and batteries when not charging.