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Want a free shoot? I have the solution, client referral program. Send all your friends / family to shoot a session with Spedale Jr. Photography LLC. Be sure to tell them, “Be sure to tell Joe I sent you”, If  this it’s a new client, you’ll receive a (1) free mini session as a thanks for each new client you send to us.

To start your photo session, shoot me a message on Facebook. Or shoot me an email fell free to call or text 8-5-zero-8(3)”2” SiX-ZEr0-Nine(3)

Free sessions are are followed for sending new clients after the book and shoot. Each session could last (1) full hour to (30) minutes.

  • Fashion / bathingsuit / Portfolio Model (Photos will be seen online)
  • Engagement photos  (Photos will be seen online)
  • Birthday Parties  (Photos will be seen online)
  • Events  (Photos will be seen online)

Could you too be a model? Try it out. You never know.

Modeling Photographer Spedale Jr. Photography LLC.

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