250 Comp Cards 8.5 X 5.5



Where in Panama City, Florida can you find a photographer who offers comp cards with their sessions? Well, look no further then “Spedale Jr. Photography LLC” of Panama City, Florida. Your source for your photography needs.

This comp card type is 8.5 X 5.5 in size. You’ll get to pick the 4 photos from the collection of photos by “sJr”. Your comp card can have just about any photo you would like as long as its no more then 5 photos and no less then 3.  Your new comp cards can have your measurements to just your name on them.   250 count = $150.00  FREE-250 count with a (COMP CARD) 4 mini sessions. $400.00 is do on the first shoot.


Cuando en la Ciudad de Panamá , Florida puede usted encontrar a un fotógrafo que ofrece tarjetas de borrador con sus sesiones ? Bueno, entonces no busques más ” Spedale Jr. Fotografía LLC ” de la Ciudad de Panamá , Florida . Su fuente para sus necesidades de fotografía .Este tipo de tarjeta es un borrador 8.5 X 5.5 de tamaño. Tendrá la oportunidad de recoger las 4 fotos de la colección de fotos de ” SJR ” . Su tarjeta de un borrador puede tener casi cualquier foto que desea , siempre y cuando sus no más de 5 fotos y no menos de 3. Sus nuevas tarjetas de borrador puede tener sus medidas para sólo su nombre en ellos . 250 count = $ 150.00 FREE- 250 cuenta con un (CARD COMP ) 4 mini sesiones . $ 400.00



Model’s Comp Card

“The Composite Photo Card (Comp Card or Zed Card) helps to get you noticed and considered for projects. A comp card provides a small collection of pictures and basic stats on card stock or rigid paper. It is a standard marketing tool that has been around for many years and is still very essential to have today. A comp card is a relatively inexpensive and versatile sales tool. Modeling agencies often put comp cards in their display racks. This makes it easy for a client to go into a modeling agency and quickly scan their talent pool. Modeling agencies and models send comp cardsto photographers, art directors, and others to advertise new talent or to show updated looks or expanded capabilities of an established model. Speaking from my own experience, as a photographer I have found comp cards very useful in hiring talent. Photographers often maintain a talent file (comp cards) for future projects. In addition, the comp cards make it possible for a photographer to show prospective clients a selection of talent available for their project. Comp cards can be used in other ways, but they remain a very essential marketing tool for a model.” Info found from http://www.modelingadvice.com/CompCards.html